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NXNTRT3PREMIUML: NexTORCH RT3 Premium Set Xenon Hunting Kit

P (Police) Series is designed for police, law enforcement, security, hunting, industrial and firefighters. This series features multi-functional and rechargeable purposes. The rechargeable function provides a long-lasting capacity in battery life. Regardless of when and where, P series enhances you to accomplish every glorious mission.

The RT-3 features the quintessential NexTORCH anti-rolling structure. "RT" stands for Rechargeable Tactical, and this rechargeable light is designed to be tactical from the very beginning. It's made of aero-space grade aluminum with a hard-anodized finish body and produces 60 lumens high output. Comes with a rechargeable accessories and holsters.

  • Weight: 3.85 oz (battery excluded)
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Bulb Type: Xenon
  • Body Material: Aerospace grade aluminum 6061-T6
  • Body Finish: Hard black anodizing finish
  • Light Output (Lumens): 60 lumens
  • Peak Beam Intensity (CD): 3844
  • Beam Distance (Foot): 406 feet
  • Beam Distance (Meter): 124 meters
  • Runtime (Minutes): 70 minutes
  • Water Proof and Submersible Rating (meter): 1 meters
  • Water Proof and Submersible Rating (foot): 3.28 feet
  • Impact Resistance (meter): 1 meters
  • Impact Resistance (foot): 3.28 feet
  • Click On/Off Switch: YES
  • Momentary On/Off Switch: NO
  • Battery Type: NT18650
  • Number of Batteries: 1
  • Length (inch): 4.88 inches
  • Length (mm): 124 mm
  • Head Diameter (inch): 1.09 inches
  • Head Diameter (mm): 28.8 mm
  • Body Diameter (inch): 3.85 inches
  • Body Diameter (mm): 110 mm
  • Weight (w/o batteries) (oz): 3.85 oz.
  • Weight (w/o batteries) (g): 108.96 grams
  • Filters: IRF, RF, GF, BF, FIR, FT32, FT32F
  • Tactical Mount: RM25, RM8, RM81, RM82, RM83, RM84
  • Remote-control Switch: TS6-L, TS6-S
  • Holsters: LT2113, V1438, V2844, V1306
  • Lanyard: G46-A, LT2111
  • Bulb Assembly: V66 / V30F
  • Battery: NT123A / NTR123A
  • Charger: NTRA123A SET
  • Tailcap: D6, RFTC, GFTC, BFTC
  • Attack Head: AH6 / TIT12
  • Traffic Wand: PC176
  • Express Clip: V4018 / V5012
  • Lens Cleaner: LC6
  • Silicone Grease: SL6
NexTORCH V2560 Holster
NexTORCH V2560 Holster
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