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Olight M30 Remote Pressure Switch - OLIGHT-M30-REMOTE

Part Number: OLM30REMOTE
Manufacturer: Olight Flashlights


This product is no longer available
OLM30REMOTE: OLIGHT-M30 Remote Pressure Switch

"Remote Pressure Switch for M30 Triton Special Series. Can be used in weapons' mount. There is no any noisy "clickie" sound and you could operate it very well even with gloves.- "

Olight Technology is a high-tech company that Specializes in LED Lighting featuring advanced technology. Quality workmanship and Premium Grade Materials to ensure our products meet the highest standards.
Olight's range of Flashlights are suitable for the most demanding Professionals in Law Enforcement, Military and Industrial through to outdoors camping, fishing, hunting to the more general everyday day uses. Olight has just the product you can depend on to provide you with the most brilliant light source to suit your specific use or task.