Red Blade Knives Pig Gen2 Folding Knife 3-5/16" S30V Blade, Ranger Green G10 Handles - RBPIGG2GGRG

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Red Blade Knives
Red Blade Knives PIG Knives are among the toughest and well made pocket knives we sell at the Knife Center. The S30V super steel blades are 1/4” thick and, although not super wide, are shaped to do real work. When you hold one in your hand, you know that you have a heck of a tool at your disposal. Somehow they have engineered these to be whisper quiet! They fly open and just sort of quietly thunk into locked position. Then they have a very subdued click when closed. It feels like a very well engineered product that will perform at the top of the industry. These are not cheap- they are worth their price.

The Pig by Red Blade Knives combines Old World aesthetics and sensibilities with the very latest in materials and design.

Details like the solid 0.27" titanium backspacer, which is milled in-house, combines the inherent strength of the traditional backspacer with the openness of standoffs. It goes one better then either by giving you the strength of a solid back, yet leaving the back completely open to make cleaning simply a matter of running any water or air source through the knife.

The 1/4" S30V blades combines what many believe is the strongest knife steel on the market today, with grinds that give you an unusually sharp edge in a design built for hard use. The blade features both front and back jimping, as well as the backspacer on both sides, so that you have positive grip surfaces in any type of hold, and in any type of conditions. Wet hands, muddy hands, gloved hands, it won't matter. Although the blade come with a rough tumbled finish, the area around the pivot is mirror polished for incredibly smooth action! Bronze washers are used with white lithium grease, because it is a tried and true combination, and according to many, less susceptible to dirt than bearings.

Both the stop pin and the lanyard pin are all hardened 440 steel and are identical, which basically means that you have a spare stop pin! The 0.080" titanium liners are full thickness from top to bottom making them thicker and stronger than many frame locks, which although they do have thicker sections, are milled or relieved at some point to a thinner dimension for ease of flexibility at the cost of strength.

The Gen2 has been improved from the original Red Blade Knives Pig. The two most obvious changes are the clip and the pivot. It's now a low carry clip held by two 440 stainless screws that screw into the solid titanium spacer rather then the liner. The pivot has been replaced with a custom milled pivot, also hardened stainless steel, but threaded with a unique 64 TPI fine thread which allows for precise adjustment of the blade tension. In addition there are aesthetic improvements to the fit and finish of the knife, for example recessing the clip into the handle and making all the screws torx.

The Pig is built to be a hard use knife, a trusted tool. She's got the rough and dependable lines of a good working dog... like the dog she was named after.
  • Blade Length: 3-5/16"
  • Closed Length: 4-5/8"
  • Overall Length: 8-1/8"
  • Blade Thickness: 1/4"
  • Blade Material: CPM S30V Stainless Steel
  • Liners: Titanium, 0.080" Thick
  • Handle Material: Textured G10
  • Clip: Titanium
  • Sheath: Nylon with Velcro Flap
  • Weight: 6.8 oz.
  • Made in USA
Semi-Custom or Mid-Tech knives are knives produced by a process in which the designer has more direct--but not complete--involvement; parts of these knives may still have been made by others.
S30V Stainless Steel
S30V Stainless Steel
A hardened wear and corrosion resistant stainless steel developed in collaboration with Chris Reeve. It is known for its improved sharpness and toughness. This is a premium grade steel only used in high end knives. Composition: Carbon 1.45%, Chromium 14.00%, Vanadium 4.00%, Molybdenum 2.00%
Pocket Clip
Pocket Clip
Includes a pocket clip for easy accessibility and a more secure carry.
Nylon Sheath
Nylon Sheath
Durable, flexible, abrasion and mildew resistant, Nylon also is very strong
Made in USA
Made in USA
This product is USA born and raised.
G10 Handles
G10 Handles
Formed in a sheet under high pressure by combining fiberglass and an epoxy resin binder. These handles are lightweight and shaped to ensure a solid grip.


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