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Wetterlings Medium Clearing Axe 32" Overall with 6" Cutting Edge - 315

Part Number: SAW315
Manufacturer: Wetterling Axes


This product is no longer available
SAW315: Medium Clearing Axe
Wetterling Axes are hand forged from Swedish quality steel alloyed from iron, carbon, silicon, manganese and vanadium. Hand forging uses presses that deliver many blows, making the axe edges stronger than if they were drop forged. The special axe steel alloy makes high quality hardening possible. After grinding, hardening and tempering, the Wetterling axes keep a Rockwell hardness of 57-58. These are the main reasons the Wetterling axes hold a keen edge with good "sting" longer than most axes. The handles are lathed from American hickory. The best stress capacity and resistance to blows makes hickory the wood of choice for good axe handles. The Wetterlings Medium Clearing Axe is 32" overall with 6" cutting edge and 26" handle. It is shipped with a blade cover and weighs 2.4 lbs.
Wood Handles
Wood Handles
Provides a traditional, natural look and feel to a modern tool. Wood absorbs shock well and is popular in axe handles.