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IDL Tools (Sebertool) 8" ViperGrip 2-in-1 Self-Adjusting and Locking Pliers - SB9050

Part Number: SB9050
Manufacturer: Sebertech Multitools


This product is no longer available
SB9050: 8" ViperGrip
IDL Tools

SPEED: Self Adjusting and Locking Jaws
ViperGrip's patented Self Adjusting and Locking jaws automatically adjust and lock onto any size material (up to 1 1/8") to save you time. Unlike traditional locking plies that have to be manually adjusted to work on different sized materials.

POWER: Cam-Assist Technology Increases Hand Force up to 6X
The ViperGrip's patented Cam-Assist Technology multiplies user's hand force 6X to provide more power to virtually eliminate slippage and greatly reduce hand and arm fatigue. This is compared to 2X with standard tongue and groove and slip joint pliers.

VERSATILITY: 2 Tools-in 1
The ViperGrip's patented Switch Lever enables quick and easy transitions between a locking plier and a non-locking plier with a flip of the Switch, to help complete jobs quickly and more effectively. Stop lugging around multiple tools to complete jobs.

Hardened Interlocking Teeth
The ViperGrip's hardened, interlocking teeth provide a better grip and stay sharper longer. By using a Rockwell hardness that balances gripping strength with durability the ViperGrip's teeth will last an amazingly long time.

Parallel Handles
Traditional pliers force you to use 2 hands to spread the handles and adjust their jaw size. The ViperGrip's parallel handles remain in-line, only 3" apart, to provide true one-hand operation for longer reach and to make completing jobs easier for any user.

Jaw Force Adjustment Knob
If needed, the ViperGrip's Jaw Force Adjustment Knob helps to dial-in the right amount of force for those special jobs. Dial-up the power when working with hard materials; Dial-down the power when working with softer materials. 

V-notched Jaws
The ViperGrip's V-notched Jaw more securely holds round and odd-shaped materials like square stock and flat materials.