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CAS Hanwei SCA Epee 18" Flexible Main Gauche Training Blade - SCA6

Part Number: SCA6
Manufacturer: CAS Iberia


This product is no longer available
These dueling swords are authorized for use in rapier fencing by many SCA chapters and other re-enactment organizations. Built by C.A.S. from blades and components supplied by France-Lames, the world-renowned manufacturer of sport fencing weapons, these pieces feature superbly tempered blades and time-tested hilt components, including tactile rubber grips. Blades used are the 35" double-wide epee, 35" Schlaeger blade and the 18" flexible main gauche training blade. All are button-ended for safety. Guards are aluminum except for the SCA-2 and SCA-8 models. Right-hand models are supplied unless left-hand is specified. Made in France.