SureFire X400 Tactical LED WeaponLight, 110 Max Lumens

Part #: SFX400 | SureFire


This product is no longer available
SFX400: X400™ LED WeaponLight

The SureFire X400 is a powerful LED WeaponLight with an integrated red-laser sight mounted below its solid-state LED. Its versatile beam and highly visible laser are effective in close and long-range applications, making the X400 an ideal choice for law enforcement, military, and self-defense applications.

The X400's recoil-proof LED has no filament to burn out or break and it generates 110 lumens of blinding white light—and continues producing tactical-level light for 2.4 hours on a set of batteries. A Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens gathers virtually all of the LED's light and projects it forward creating a tight beam that reaches deep into the darkness but has enough surround beam to accommodate peripheral vision. The red-light laser features an output of 5 milliwatts at a wavelength of 635 nanometers, making it nearly twice as bright—and much more visible—than the nearest competitor. And because the laser sight's adjustment uses Nylok® screws, which won't back out from the effects of recoil, the X400 rarely needs to be re-zeroed.

The X400 features a hard-anodized aerospace-grade aluminum body and a Pyrex® window that protects the X400's electronics while O-rings and gaskets make it water resistant. And the X400 attaches to both Universal and Picatinny rails via its proprietary Rail-Lock™ system, and comes with adapter plates for both. An ambidextrous toggle/push switch provides ergonomic, fail-safe operation, and optional SureFire grip switches allow precision control without altering one's grip on the weapon. Some firearms may require an adapter mount.

  • Max Output: 110 lumens (more than 5 times the light output of a two-D-cell flashlight); continues producing tactical-level light for 2.4 hours
  • Highly visible red-laser sight power output of 5mW at a wavelength of 635 nm
  • Versatile beam is perfect for close- and long-range applications
  • Ambidextrous, ergonomic tactical switching enables fail-safe operation under fire
  • Instantly attaches to most handguns with a Universal rail and handguns/long guns with a Picatinny rail
  • 1.86" high by 1.46" wide by 3.54" long; weighs 4.4 ounces with batteries
  • Batteries - two SF123A lithiums with 10-year shelf life
  • Aerospace-grade aluminum construction with Mil-Spec Type III hard-anodized finish
  • O-ring seals keep out dirt, propellant residue, and moisture
  • Accepts optional pressure-activated switches for precision control without altering grip on weapon
  • Made in USA
Made in USA
Made in USA
This product is USA born and raised.


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