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SOG Wrench Accessory for Paratool - 31WK

Part Number: SOG31WK
Manufacturer: SOG Knives


This product is no longer available
SOG31WK: Paratool Wrench Accessory
SOG Knives
Wrench kit to attach accessories to Paratool. Two wrenches are included. 

More about the Paratool from SOG:

Locate the handle with the two washers and simply unbolt the hex nuts and push out the hex pin. Remove the two washers and insert the saw against the back wall of the handle with the main blade next to it. Realign the components with the handle holes and push the hex pin through. Then rebolt the self-locking hex nuts and adjust for the proper opening tension. Components should easily come out but not fall out accidentally. SOG will not be responsible for any problems that might arise due to improper adjusting or assembly by the customer. A service charge will be accessed for any factory repair that might arise from this.
Assembled in USA
Assembled in USA
Assembled in the USA from US and/or foreign components.