Smith & Wesson SW8 Spear Fixed 4.2" Plain Blade, Removable GFN Handle, Nylon Sheath


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SW8: Spear Fixed Blade
Smith & Wesson
The Smith & Wesson Spear fixed blade has a 4.2" 3Cr13 stainless steel blade and measures 10.7" overall. It is not a double edge blade, the upper is a false edge. The handle is a durable contoured nylon filled glass fiber with a solid feeling and lanyard hole on the butt end. The handle has the added bonus of being removable so the spear head can be attached to a common broom handle for added versatility and reach.

Founded by Stewart Taylor in 1975, Taylor Brands has been manufacturing, designing and distributing high-quality stainless steel knives and accessories since its inception.

Taylor Brands manufactures Smith & Wesson Cutlery such as S.W.A.T., Extreme Ops, Homeland Security, Search & Rescue, and H.R.T. Taylor Brands is also renowned for their specialty items and custom designed pieces such as the Texas Ranger Commemorative Knives celebrating the 180th Anniversary of Texas Rangers.

Taylor Brands also manufactures Schrade Cutlery such as Old Timer, Uncle Henry, Schrade Tuff, and X-timer. They have recently introduced a high quality line of Schrade flashlight, scissors, and shears.

Outdoor enthusiasts, hunters and, most recently, law enforcement and fire safety professionals utilize Taylor Brands products.
  • Blade Length: 4.2" (10.7 cm)
  • Blade Steel: 3Cr13 High Carbon Stainless Steel
  • Overall Length: 10.7" (27.2 cm)
  • Handle Material: Glass Filled Nylon
  • Sheath Material: Nylon
  • Weight: 9.0 oz. (255 g)
  • Made in China
Zytel Handles
Zytel Handles A nylon polymer that is lightweight and extremely durable, Zytel can be shaped and textured to provide excellent grip.
Nylon Sheath
Nylon Sheath Durable, flexible, abrasion and mildew resistant, Nylon also is very strong
Smith & Wesson SW8 Spear Fixed 4.2" Plain Blade, Removable GFN Handle, Nylon Sheathrated 4.667 stars out of 5 (3 reviews)
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Smith & Wesson SW8 Spear Fixed 4.2" Plain Blade, Removable GFN Handle, Nylon Sheath
rated 5 stars out of 5
Elliott K
Honolulu, Hi
Apr 16, 2016
Pros: Blade Sharpness, Sheath/Scabbard, Handle Material, Blade Material, Materials, Weight, Overall Quality, Finish
Cons: None
Smith& Wesson spear fixed 4.2 Plain Single Edge with removable Zytel h
The knife arrived very quickly from the Knife Center as do all products purchased from them. The Knife Is a spear shaped single edged blade and with a glass cylinder handleextended is 10". The spear is very sharp and shaped like arrow tip but made of blacksteel and with a sharpened edge. It arrived in a long box the same length and very sharp directly from it no sharpening needed. the tip can be revealed and if a ole pr stck can be attached to the edge and used as a spear. A very unusual appearance for a knife and to some degree intimidating toa person not into collecting knives. It can be used in hunting, tracking wild game.I am happy as a collector as it has a unusual look to it and happy to be in possesionof this knife.Elliott
Smith & Wesson SW8 Spear Fixed 4.2" Plain Blade, Removable GFN Handle, Nylon Sheath
rated 4 stars out of 5
Krzysztof M
Warwick, Ri
Jan 01, 2016
Pros: Overall Quality, Blade Material, Blade Sharpness
Cons: None
So far, so good
Another reasonably inexpensive item that seems to be a new product for this year. Similar in theme to the SOG Spirt Knife, if different in overall shape, this blade is designed to serve as a sort of basic belt knife that allows for the handle to be unscrewed, thus providing a means for the user to fasten a push-broom or utility handle to the base to create an improvised spear. As a basic knife, I find it of limited utility, and would frankly favor a dedicated belt knife, though this could be functional for some basic camp or outdoor functions. Despite the leaf blade design, this is in fact a single edge blade with a false opposite edge. If one had need or interest in doing so, it would not be much work to sharpen both sides (Please DO check your local laws and ordinances first before doing so!). To test this blade for it’s intended function, I purchased two handle poles. One was a light wooden painting pole, 4” in length. The other was a more substantial hollow aluminum extension pole, 5” in length.The blade fit perfectly well on both handles. There is a bit of rattle, but I am sure that if I was to use a rubber “O- ring” washer at the collar, this could tighten those tolerances a bit. For throwing purposes, the 4” wooden handle doe not really give the sort of heft that this blade needs. The aluminum pole, on the other hand, was perfectly effective. At a distance of 20-25 feet, I had good accuracy and was able to easily penetrate ¼” plywood by a good inch or more. The blade survived missed throws quite nicely, with no apparent damage aside from light scratching, and so far the tip has held up effectively without bending or breaking. That said, this is only the first day of serious testing, so as the Norse might say “don’t praise the ice before it’s crossed”. If this continues to hold up well over time, I should be quite pleased. The lightness of the tip does somewhat limit the range of this as a thrower. Even though the weight of the knife is listed at 9 oz. I believe that figure includes the detachable nylon handle, and the blade weighs less by itself- hence the need for a more substantial shaft for throwing purposes.In spear configuration, this does quite nicely for stabling and slashing purposes, though that falls a bit outside of the discussion of its throwing merits. The greatest virtue of this design as compared to a more dedicated spear such as one of the Cold Steel line (which I also have used, and find quite effective for throwing) is the replaceable nature of the shafts. If one were to have several of these for competition, reenactment exercises etc. where there might be heavy use or several spears used in succession, the ability to have a number of inexpensive replacement shafts on hand and swappable at a moment’s notice would be a real benefit. In my case, I was able to get both test handles at Home Depot.As for the durability, as I mentioned before, I’ve only had use of this for a day or so, and thus the true quality of the design should better reveal itself over the next couple of months. Provided that it does not break or bend anytime in the foreseeable future, I’ll consider this again a good investment.
Smith & Wesson SW8 Spear Fixed 4.2" Plain Blade, Removable GFN Handle, Nylon Sheath
rated 5 stars out of 5
Steve M.
Feb 20, 2015
Pros: Blade Material, Sheath/Scabbard, Handle Material, Weight, Materials, Overall Quality, Finish
Cons: None
Spear head knife
This knife/spear head seems good. The base that the SS blade is mounted in is cast aluminum, not plastic, which is excellent. No one tells you that in the literature and you can't tell by the pictures. The handle is plastic which is fine. It has regular broom handle type threads.


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