Fallkniven A1 Swedish Survival Knife 6.3" Black VG10 Blade, Kraton Handles, Zytel Sheath - FK-A1BZ


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SWEDA1BK: A1 Swedish Survival Knife

With this knife a new world standard is being set! Technical design, ergonomics, and economy are brought together within the model A1, representing the leading concept available today. The knife meets and exceeds established international standards for strength, personal security and value.

Model A1 is a semi-large all-purpose knife for heavy duty use. The powerful blade is made of extremely hard yet tough laminated VG10 steel and will withstand the stress of hard use. The knife is superb to chop with, but also works very well with daily tasks, thanks to the ergonomic grip. The full tang goes entirely through the handle, so you can strike the end of it without breaking the grip. The sturdy black zytel sheath allows you to fasten the knife on your belt or your pack - even upside down. Model A1 is a water repelling concept which works just as well in extreme cold as in stifling heat.

A1 Black
If there are moments when you wish to avoid reflections from your blade, then the black CeraCoat 8H A1 is the option for you. This extremely tough surface will also protect the blade from corrosion.

Zytel sheath
The injection molded zytel sheath offers a neat safe and strong combination of qualities which should be very attractive to any user.
  • Blade Length: 6.3"
  • Overall Length: 11"
  • Blade Thickness: 0.24"
  • Tang: Almost full tang, tang visible at handle end
  • Steel: Laminated VG10 Stainless Steel
  • Blade Hardness: 59 HRC
  • Handle: Kraton
  • Sheath: Zytel
  • Weight: 12 oz.
  • Made in Sweden

UPC Code: 7340101500034

Kydex Sheath
Kydex Sheath
Waterproof, scratch resistant, and low friction. It will hold its shape and makes a great alternative to leather.
Zytel Handles
Zytel Handles
A nylon polymer that is lightweight and extremely durable, Zytel can be shaped and textured to provide excellent grip.
VG10 Stainless Steel
VG10 Stainless Steel
This Japanese super-steel is known for it's ease of sharpening, ability to take a super fine edge, and outstanding corrosion resistance making it one of the best bang-for-buck steels on the market.
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5 out of 5
Dec 11, 2015
Pros: Blade Sharpness, Sheath/Scabbard, Handle Material, Blade Material, Materials, Weight, Overall Quality, Finish
Cons: None
Great Knive!
Hey guys, For the following text please excuse mistakes if there are some. You need to know that I live in Austria and my mother tongue is german. I have to say that I really love this knife. I also own the f1 modell and I am a big fan of it as well but I wanted to have a slightly bigger knive for my outdoor activites. That's why i chose the A1 model. In my opinion this knive is perfect for everyone who wants a knife that won't let you down in a real survival situation. You can use it for hard work like chopping (because of the full tang construction) or even do finer work with it. The next thing is that it fits great in my hand and the handle is very grippy. My fällkniven A1 was delivered razor sharp out of the box and still after some heavy work it keeps the edge just great. The sheath is quite simple although the leather sheath might look even better. But if it get gets wett you really want to have the zytel sheath because the water can run off. If I could only choose one knife I would go for the A1. The only thing which is bothering me a little is the black coating which goes off when using the knife but all of my coated knives do and I can live with that. This is one of the more expensive knives on the market but I don't think that you will regret your decision afterwards. Quality has its price and if one day your life depends on that decision you will be glad. I highly recommend this product.
5 out of 5
Robert R
Nov 02, 2015
Pros: Sheath/Scabbard, Handle Material, Blade Sharpness, Materials, Blade Material, Weight, Overall Quality, Finish
Cons: Weight, None
This knife is the offical knife of the Swedish army. (Scandinavia)
This knife is made of Japanese steel, but the design is Swedish. It´s the offical survival knife of the Swedish Army, all soldiers are issued one. There is a smaller, lighter one for pilots, the F1. If Swedes get impressed by a Japanese steel, then you know this is a hell of a knife! (Sweden makes some of the worlds finests steel.) Things you might want to know: This is a big heavy knife. 310 grams, close to 28cm long, all in all. Blade thickness 6mm (0,6cm) It can be used as a digging tool, pry bar, paddle, as an ax, hammer and for chopping. Do NOT try to cut metal such as nails, with this knife, it will damage the blade. No knife blade will like that kind of abuse. If you have very small hands and weight is important to you, I can recommend the S1. If you are a giant of a man you might want the A2. It´s great for fire starting, camp building and as a machete. If you only had one knife, this is the one you would want. It will take down a Grizzly bear. Easy to sharpen, comes with a concave, axe edge, rare in knives. Do not over sharpen, it will then loose it´s splitting capabilities. I bought this knife with my first paycheck when I was 19, and it´s still as good as new, and I´m 37 now. I like the lether sheat best, but plastic is better for watery enviroments. Keep in mind that a black blade can´t be used for signaling in a survival situation. You will not regret this buy. Cons: Weight, no serated blade, some what small finger guard. But you do get one of the best survival knifes on the planet, strong, well balanced and in materials that ages very slowly. Serated blades are complicated to sharpen any way. But superior at cutting rope.
5 out of 5
Oct 07, 2015
Pros: Blade Sharpness, Sheath/Scabbard, Handle Material, Blade Material, Materials, Weight, Overall Quality, Finish
Cons: None
Gets the job done
If I could only have one knife, this would be the one. I do have a 3" fixed blade knife for the small chores, but the A1 can do everything the 3" can do. The heft and balance is superb, so if you have previous experience handling knives you will immediately appreciate the quality of the A1. The blade thickness and taper is the real deal along with the shape of the edge. I have not yet had the opportunity to put the knife through a full test in the field, but I have full confidence it can stand up to anything.
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