UST Ultimate Survival "Trekker" Stormproof Lighter - 21-W03-006


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WG21W03006: "Trekker" Stormproof Lighter
Ultimate Survival
The Ultimate Survival Trekker Lighter is built to withstand the most demanding conditions. These lighters combine state-of-the-art engineering and technology with unique styling and rugged construction. Quadruple-refined butane fuel is necessary for use in eGear windproof lighters. Using less-refined fuels is not recommended. Lighter is 3-5/8" overall and weighs only 2.3 oz.
  • Catalyzer coil provides ultimate windproof flame
  • Withstands winds of 70-80 miles per hour 
  • Burns with clean hot flame at 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Flame Indicator Window located on side of combustion chamber glows when lighter is ignited
  • Fuel Level Indicator visually reveals fuel level
  • Piezo-Electric Ignition System eliminates need for batteries or flints, which fail when wet. 
  • Piezo-electric system permits easy, one-handed operation good for over 30,000 ignitions.
  • Water Resistant O-Ring Seals keep water out when lighter cap is closed
  • Extra large fuel tank
  • Over 1,000 ignitions on a single fill
  • Easy grip rubberized case
  • Includes wrist lanyard
  • Fuel capacity of 4 grams
What Sets the Trekker Apart
  • Windproof Flame - Catalyzer coil provides continuous ignition of the gas vapors creating a clean, hot flame.
  • Flame Window Indicator - Ceramic Flame Window glows a bright white color when lighter is ignited.
  • Fuel Window - Makes it easy to tell at a glance how much fuel remains in the lighter.
  • Piezo-Electric Ignition - Eliminates the need for batteries or flints which fail when wet. Piezo-Electric systems are good for over 30,000 ignitions.
  • Water Resistant Seal - Five rubber O-ring seals keep water out when lighter cap is closed.

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