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XIKAR Xi1 Room101 Cigar Cutter - One Shot One Kill - XI101OSOK

Part Number: XI101OSOK
Manufacturer: Xikar Cigar Gear


This product is no longer available
XI101OSOK: Xi1 Room101 Cutter - One Shot One Kill
Room101 is the luxury lifestyle brand for those who demand quality with an edge. Together, XIKAR and Matt Booth demand quality and design and Matt's Room101 Brand is now captured in an inspired collection with both style and Asian Influence.

OSOK, which is short for "One Shot, One Kill". OSOK is a collaboration between Matt Booth and photographer Edgar Hoill, who gets his nickname "One Shot One Kill" from his ability to capture breathtaking photographs with one "shot". The Room101 OSOK artwork shown here adorns both sides of the EXII lighter, inside an extremely durable dome label.

Sakura, meaning cherry blossom in Japanese, symbolizes a multitude of things, including the beauty found in life. The Room101 Xi1 cutter symbolizes the beauty in life, and XIKAR backs that beauty for life.

Xi cutter blades are all made of high-quality 440 stainless steel with an HRC of 57.

All Xi Cutters are the same ring gauge: they will cut a 54 ring gauge cigar in half. Depending on how much cap you cut, they will cut up to a 58 ring gauge cigar.
Aluminum Handles
Aluminum Handles
A solid, lightweight material that can be molded, textured or anodized to provide better grip under extreme conditions.