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XIKAR Xi Ultra Slim Cigar Cutter - Gold - 107GD

Part Number: XI107GD
Manufacturer: Xikar Cigar Gear


This product is no longer available
XI107GD: Xi Ultra Slim Cutter - Gold
XIKAR's Xi series of cutters are world renowned. So when they proudly introduced a cutter without the iconic 'teardrop' shape, you can rest assured the Ultra has passed their strict tests for sharpness, quality & style. A 64 ring gauge and as thin as a few credit cards, (only 3.5mm thin!) the Ultra will fit any occasion. As useful as any Xi cutter, you'll never forget it rests your pocket or wallet.
  • Overall Length: 2-1/2"
  • Weight: 1.5 oz.
Aluminum Handles
Aluminum Handles
A solid, lightweight material that can be molded, textured or anodized to provide better grip under extreme conditions.