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Blom Flowerknife 1-3/4" Utility Florist Blade, Soft Grip Handles, Edge Guard - XTBLOMFLOWER

Manufacturer: Blom Knives


This product is no longer available
XTBLOMFLOWER: Blom Flowerknife

About Blom

Blom is the Old Norse word for Flower, and a natural choice as Trademark for a Flowerknife. Behind Blom is Stig Rath, the Inventor of the unique thumb-rest which makes the Flowerknife safer than other knives

About the Flowerknife

This Flowerknife is an innovative solution to every homeowner’s need for a knife specially designed to trim rose stems at the correct oblique angle.

Its blade is crafted from thin, but tough, stainless steel, honed to a fine edge to cut cleanly through the rose stem without damaging its ability to take up water. The unique thumb-rest allows the user to apply full force behind the blade while protecting the thumb. The knife features an ergonomic handle, which ensures a firm grip even with wet hands.

The Flowerknife is designed by Ise Design AS.
  • Locking blade protector / edge guard
  • Lanyard
  • Soft grip handles for maximum grip
  • Attractive gift box
  • Cutting Edge: 1-3/4"
  • Overall Length: 6"
  • Made in China

UPC Code: 7071690000093

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