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690 07/15/2017SP11WDPSpyderco C11WDP Delica Folding Knife 2.9" HAP40/SUS410 Satin Plain Blade, Mahogany Pakkawood Handles, KnifeCenter Exclusive11,320 06/15/2015SP81GPCMOBK2Spyderco C81GPCMOBK2 Paramilitary 2 Folding Knife 3-7/16" S30V Black Plain Blade, Digital Camo Handles11,350 05/05/2016SP195CFPSpyderco C195CFP Brad Southard Positron Flipper 3.01" CPM-S30V Plain Blade, Carbon Fiber Handles11,680 12/05/2015SP101PDBL2Spyderco C101PDBL2 Manix 2 Lightweight Folding Knife 3.37" Satin Plain S110V Blade, Dark Blue FRN Handles11,100 05/26/2016SPMBORPESpyderco MBORPE Manbug Key Ring Knife 1.97" HAP40/SUS410 Satin Plain Blade, Burnt Orange FRN Handles, Sprint Run1528 01/20/2015BU0347BKS1Buck 347 Vantage Pro Large Folding Knife 3-1/4" S30V Blade, Molded Nylon with CNC Contoured Black G10 Handles1660 09/16/2016SP163TIPSpyderco C163TIP Pingo Folding 2.35" Plain Elmax Blade, Titanium Bug Logo Handles (Sprint Run)11,250 01/11/2016SP41GP5Spyderco C41GP5 Native 5 Folding Knife 3" S35VN Satin Plain Blade, Black G10 Handles11,320 10/07/2016SP143GPNPSpyderco C143GPNP Large Lum Chinese Folding Knife 3.75" VG10 Plain Blade, Pink G10 Handles, Limited Edition1800 08/05/2015SP10PGRESpyderco C10PGRE Endura Flat Ground 3-3/4" ZDP-189 Satin Plain Blade, Green FRN Handles11,100 10/25/2016SP123CFPCLSpyderco C123CFPCL Sage 5 Folding Knife 3.03" S30V Satin Plain Blade, Carbon Fiber/G10 Laminate Handles11,320 01/27/2016SP95GP2Spyderco C95GP2 Manix 2 XL Folding Knife 3.88" S30V Satin Plain Blade, Black G10 Handles11,230 12/28/2016SP158TIPSpyderco C158TIP Techno by Marcin Slysz Folding Knife 2.5" CTS-XHP Plain Blade, Titanium Handles11,920 11/26/2016SP179PBKSpyderco C179PBK Spy-DK Slipjoint Folding Knife 2.69" Plain N690CO Blade, Black FRN Handles1400 02/02/2016SP152CFPSpyderco C152CFP Chaparral Folding Knife 2-13/16" CTS-XHP Plain Blade, Carbon Fiber Handles11,176 01/11/2017SP183TIPSpyderco C183TIP Michael Burch Chubby Folding Knife 2.3" S30V Plain Blade, Titanium Handles11,400 08/30/2015SP28PPR2Spyderco C28PPR2 Dragonfly 2 Folding 2.28" VG10 Plain Blade, Purple FRN Handles (Sprint Run)1580 03/25/2017SP211TIPSpyderco C211TIP Marcin Slysz SpydieChef Folding Knife 3.32" LC200 N Satin Plain Blade, Gray Titanium Handles11,980 03/09/2016SPLBORP3ESpyderco LBORP3E Ladybug 3 Key Ring Knife 1.9" HAP40/SUS410 Satin Plain Blade, Burnt Orange FRN Handles, Sprint Run1420 01/20/2015BU110Buck 110 Folding Hunter 3-3/4" Blade, Dymondwood Handles, Leather Sheath1400 01/20/2015CA095Case Sodbuster Jr. Pocket Knife 3.625" Closed, Smooth Black Synthetic Handles (2137 SS)1250 08/10/2015SP12SBK2WSpyderco C12SBK2W Matriarch2 Lightweight Folder 3.57" VG10 Serrated Blade with Wave, Black FRN Handles1960 01/29/2016SP90FPBORESpyderco C90FPBORE Stretch Folding Knife 3.5" HAP40 Satin Blade, Burnt Orange FRN Handles, Sprint Run11,110 11/26/2016SP189PBLSpyderco C189PBL Roadie Slipjoint Folder 2.09" N690Co Plain Sheepsfoot Blade, Blue FRN Handles1480
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03/09/2016SPMBORPESpyderco MBORPE Manbug Key Ring Knife 1.97" HAP40/SUS410 Satin Plain Blade, Burnt Orange FRN Handles, Sprint Run1528
11/30/2016SP64JPBORESpyderco C64JPBORE Meerkat Folding Knife 2" HAP40/SUS410 Satin Plain Blade, Orange FRN Handles, Sprint Run1930
01/20/2017SP113GPGRSpyderco C113GPGR Caly 3 Folding Knife 3" HAP40/SUS410 Satin Plain Blade, Green G10 Handles, Sprint Run11,290

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