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    Orders by Date

    Products Sold for 11/22/2017

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    SKUDescriptionUnique OrdersTotalRevenue
    ARD606Ardennes Coticule Belgian Blue Whetstone, Medium 6" x 2"1126.95
    ASP22411ASP 21" Talon Black Cerakote Steel DiscLoc Baton T50KB11125.8
    ASP55954ASP Street Defender (Black) 6" Keyring Baton Pepper Spray1136.55
    BC114TRBear & Son 114TR 5" Butterfly Trainer, Silver Vein Slotted Metal Handles1136.95
    BC115Bear & Son 115 Butterfly Knife 3.375" Black 1095 Drop Point Blade, Silver Vein Slotted Zinc Handles1139.95
    BD0116KBad Blood Knives Razorhoof Fixed 3-5/8" 8Cr14 Stainless Blade, Red/Black G10 Handle, Kydex Sheath1119.95
    BD0123MBad Blood Knives Wisper Fixed 4" 8Cr14 Stainless Blade, G10 Handle, Plastic Sheath1119.95
    BGMAKOFBBastinelli Creations Mako Fixed 4.625" Black PVD Stonewashed N690CO Blade, Black G10 Handles, Kydex Sheath12419.9
    BK49Knife Throwing Book by Blackie Collins, Paperback115.95
    BK74Knife and Tomahawk Throwing by Harry K. McEvoy, 28 pages115.95
    BM162Benchmade 162 Bushcrafter Fixed 4.43" S30V Satin Blade, Green G10 Handles11182.75
    BM318Benchmade 318 Proper Slipjoint Folding Knife 2.82" Satin S30V Clip Point Blade, Dark Brown Canvas Micarta Handles22229.5
    BM3181Benchmade 318-1 Proper Slipjoint Folding Knife 2.82" Satin S30V Clip Point Blade, Contoured Red G10 Handles11114.75
    BM4841601Benchmade 484-1601 Nakamura AXIS Folding Knife 3.08" M390 Plain Blade, Wood Handles, KnifeCenter Exclusive11204
    BM535Benchmade 535 Bugout AXIS Folding Knife 3.24" S30V Satin Plain Blade, Blue Grivory Handles11114.75
    BM535SBenchmade 535S Bugout AXIS Folding Knife 3.24" S30V Satin Combo Blade, Blue Grivory Handles11114.75
    BM551Benchmade 551 Griptilian 3.45" Satin Drop Point Plain Blade, Black Handles11102
    BM9401Benchmade 940-1 Osborne Folding Knife 3.4" S90V Stonewash Plain Blade, Carbon Fiber Handles12535.5
    BM950Benchmade 950 Osborne Rift AXIS Folder 3.67" Satin Plain Blade, Black and Charcoal G10 Handles11170
    BM981609Benchmade Large Blade Tech Tek-Lok for Kydex Sheaths1460
    BO01BO148Boker Plus Sal Manaro Stingray Folding Knife 4-1/8" VG10 Blade, Titanium Handles (01BO148)11179.95
    BO01BO334Boker Plus Jesper Voxnaes F3 Folding Knife 3.5" S35VN Blade, Titanium Handles22199.9
    BO03BO511Boker Forge 7.875" Chef's Knife, Maple Wood Handles1189.95
    BO090010Boker Leather Sheath for Boy Scout Folders1115.95
    BO120543BBoker Applegate-Fairbairn Combat II Dagger 6" Black Blade, Fiberglass Delrin Handles11187.95
    BR3220054Browning Hunt 'N Gut Folding Knife 3.5" Guthook & Saw Blades, Mossy Oak Aluminum Handles1253.9
    BR3220069Browning 2016 Whitetail Folding Knife 3.25" Drop Point Blade, Cocobolo Wood Handles1115.95
    BR3220115Browning Speed Load Folding Knife 2.5" Interchangeable Blade, Black G10 Handles, Nylon Sheath1129.95
    BR32201150Browning Speed Load Replaceable Hunting Blades, 50 Pack1128.95
    BR3220115VBrowning 4 Variety Replacement Blades For Speed Load Folder1215.98
    BR3220240Browning Damascus Liner Lock Folding Knife 3.125" Blade, Damascus Handles11149.95
    BU0231YWSBuck 0231YWS Mr. Crappie Slab Shaver Folding Fillet Knife 3.75" Blade, Yellow Nylon and Tactile Overmold Handles1124.99
    BU0346RWSBuck 346 Vantage Avid Large Folding Knife 3-1/4" Blade, Rosewood Dymondwood Handles (0346RWS)1143.95
    BU503Buck 503 Prince Folding Knife 2.5" Satin Blade, Rosewood Dymondwood Handles15214.75
    CA26026Case Rogers Jigged Walnut Bone Medium Stockman 3-3/8" Closed (63090 SS)1157.98
    CA80502Case Smooth Orange Synthetic Smooth Orange Synthetic Sod Buster Jr. 3-5/8" Closed (4137 SS)1129.98
    CA9726Case Pocket Worn Bermuda Green Bone Peanut 2-7/8" Closed (6220 SS)1147.98
    CAT20172017 Edition - 6.72 lbs Full Color Catalog 1,600 Pages1116.95
    CM19269Camillus M12 Bayonet 6" Tri-Edge Blade, Paracord Wrapped Handle, Miltner Adams Design1129.95
    CN1807193Condor Tool & Knife CTK1807-19.3 Yoshimi Machete 19.125" Carbon Steel Blade, Micarta Handles, Kydex Sheath11169.98
    CN418123HCCondor Tool & Knife CTK418-12.3HC Daikaiju Machete 12-3/8" Carbon Steel Blade, Hardwood Handles, Leather Sheath1189.23
    CQBKSWConquest Tactical Fury OTF AUTO 3.75" 154CM Stonewashed Tanto Blade, Aluminum Handles11365
    CR2030Columbia River 2030 Crawford Triumph N.E.C.K. Knife 2.75" Satin Tanto Blade, Steel Handle, Kydex Sheath1119.95
    CR5470Columbia River 5470 Fossil Flipper 3.96" Satin Plain Blade, Stainless Steel and G10 Handles1157.95
    CR5500KColumbia River 5500K Ed Halligan K.I.S.S. in the Dark Folding Knife 2.25" Black Plain Tanto Blade, Money Clip Stainless Steel Handle1128.95
    CR5510Columbia River Ed Halligan K.I.S.S. Folding Knife 2.25" Satin Combo Tanto Blade w/ Money Clip1125.95
    CR6481Columbia River 6481 Large Pazoda Folding Knife 3.08" Plain Blade, Stainless Steel Handles2229.9
    CRK270GKPColumbia River 270GKP Homefront Flipper 3.502" AUS8 Plain Blade, Green Aluminum Handles - Field Strip Technology1199.95
    CS12DCSTCold Steel 12DCST Safe Maker II Push Dagger 3.25" AUS-8 Blade, Kray-Ex Handle, Secure-Ex Sheath1129.95
    CS29TLCTCold Steel 29TLCT Large Voyager Tanto 4" CTS-BD1 Stonewash Plain Blade, Griv-Ex Handles1155.95
    CS38CKJ1Cold Steel 38CKJ1 SRK Survival Rescue Knife 6" VG-1 Blade, Kray-Ex Handle22149.9
    CS49KSTCold Steel 49KST Steel Tiger Karambit Fixed 4.75" AUS-8 Blade, Griv-Ex and Kray-Ex Handles, Secure-Ex Sheath2283.9
    CS49LCKZCold Steel 49LCKZ SRK Survival Rescue Knife 6" Black SK-5 Blade, Kray-Ex Handle, Secure-Ex Sheath1141.95
    CS91MKCold Steel 91MK Mini Koga SD2 Self-Defense Tool 6-1/2" Overall119.95
    CS91PDRCold Steel 91PDR Dragon Walking Stick 39" Overall, Black1144.95
    DNMAP13Dan's Whetstone Soft Arkansas Pocket Stone, Medium (MAP-13)112.98
    DSPM9RKRISTANRich Derespina Custom Model 9 Roided Kris Fixed 6.375" Double Edge 154CM Hand Rubbed Satin Blade, Tan G10 Handles, Kydex Sheath11650
    FEE05E2BLBFenix E05 Keychain LED Flashlight, Blue, 85 Max Lumens1119.95
    FLEXPW14Flexcut 8" x 2" Leather Knife Strop w/ Polishing Compound1231
    FLHCUTINYBOLTBrian Fellhoelter Custom CuTiNyBolt Copper Pen, 4" Overall11200
    FQFH002Factor Equipment FH002 Hardened Flipper 3.7" AUS-10 Two-Tone Blade, Tan G10 Handles1164.95
    FT0001Morakniv Mora of Sweden Classic 1 Utility Fixed 3.85" Carbon Steel Blade, Red Wood Handle1114.95
    FT12249Morakniv Mora of Sweden Robust 3-5/8" Carbon Steel Blade, Gray and Black TPE Rubber Handle1119.95
    GA10006GATCO Ultimate Diamond Knife Sharpening System1179.95
    GA6224GATCO Super Micro Knife and Serration Sharpener Pocket or Keyring Model117.99
    GB000338Gerber Microbrew White LED Light (Three Settings) & Bottle Opener 31-000338125.96
    GB30000193Gerber 06 AUTO Folding Knife 3.8" S30V Black Combo Tanto Blade, Black G10 Handles11184.95
    GB30000883Gerber GDC Money Clip and Fixed 1.75" Blade, 3.6" Overall1125.95
    GB30001023Gerber Dime Travel Keychain Multi-Tool 2.8" Closed, Bladeless, Stainless Steel Handles1117.95
    GB8447Gerber Paraframe II Framelock Folder With 3.6" Combo Blade1123.95
    GPKBLSIGenPro Aluminum Keychain Kubaton, 5.625" Overall, Matte Silver114.95
    GPTSSFDEGriffin Pocket Tool Original, Flat Dark Earth Stainless Steel1126.95
    GWDA08Grindworx Damascus Steel Straight Barrel Bead with Lanyard, Black1113.95
    GWDA14Grindworx Damascus Steel Convex Barrel Bead with Lanyard, Gray Stripe1113.95
    H31070060Zwilling J.A. Henckels TWIN Four Star 2.75" Boning Knife1144.99
    H31070100Zwilling J.A. Henckels TWIN Four Star 4" Paring Knife1154.99
    H31070130Zwilling J.A. Henckels TWIN Four Star 5" Serrated/Utility Knife1169.99
    H31119140Zwilling J.A. Henckels TWIN Four Star 5" Santoku Knife, Hollow Edge1179.99
    H31668018Zwilling J.A. Henckels TWIN Gourmet 18 Piece Block Set11199.99
    H32565260Zwilling J.A. Henckels TWIN Four Star 10" Sharpening Steel1139.99
    H32621450Zwilling J.A. Henckels 17.5" Magnetic Knife Holder, Black1124.99
    H35226000Zwilling J.A. Henckels Cutting Board with Silicone Trivet Pot Holder1112.99
    H37519000Zwilling J.A. Henckels TWIN Pure Gadgets Meat Fork1124.99
    H38401182Zwilling J.A. Henckels Pro 7" Chef's Knife1149.99
    HVXT60EDGEHavalon Piranta-Edge Skinning Knife 2-3/4" Replaceable Blade, Blaze Orange Handles13105.72
    HZMSGMODBLKHazard 4 Messenger of Doom (MOD) Tactical Messenger Bag, Black11119.95
    JBSNIPERFLASWBrous Blades Sniper Frame Lock Flipper 3.75" D2 Kwaiken Blade, Black Acid Stonewashed, Stainless Steel Handles11125.1
    JHKCPRCLTTTCFJake Hoback Custom Paraclete Zero Gravity Flipper 3.75" CTS-XHP Two-Tone Fallout Blade and Titanium Handles with Carbon Fiber Inlays111295
    KA1217KA-BAR 1217 Full Size USMC Fighting Knife 7" Plain Blade, Leather Handles, Leather Sheath1178.95
    KA5701USAKA-BAR 5701 USA Made ZK (Zombie Killer) Knives War Sword Fixed 9-3/4" Black Plain Blade, Interchangeable Handles1162.95
    KCFK140BKKyocera Advanced Ceramics Revolution Santoku Knife 5.5" Black Blade, Black Handle1159.95
    KMEKFD4KME Sharpeners Knife Sharpening System, 4-Piece Diamond Stone Kit, Plastic Case11179.95
    KS1301BWKershaw 1301BW Starter Assisted Flipper 3.4" Blackwash Plain Blade, Stainless Steel Handles1115.95
    KS1660CBBWKershaw 1660CBBW Ken Onion Leek Assisted Flipper 3" Blackwash Composite D2 Plain Blade and Stainless Steel Handles1182.95
    KS1670OLBLKKershaw 1670OLBLK Ken Onion Blur Assisted Folding Knife 3-3/8" Black Plain Blade, Olive Drab Aluminum Handles1173.95
    KS1830ORBLKKershaw 1830ORBLK Oso Sweet Assisted Flipper 3.1" Black Plain Blade, Orange GFN Handles, KnifeCenter Exclusive1239.9
    KS1870OLBLKKershaw 1870OLBLK Knockout Assisted 3.25" Black Plain Blade, Olive Drab Aluminum Handles1176.99
    KS3470Kershaw 3470 Pico Assisted Flipper 2.9" Two-Toned Plain Blade, Stainless Steel Handles1128.95
    KS3650Kershaw 3650 Volt II Assisted 3-1/8" Bead-Blast Plain Blade, Polyimide Handles1131.95
    KS7200BLKSTKershaw 7200BLKST Launch 2 AUTO Folding Knife 3.25" Black CPM-154 Drop Point Combo Blade, Aluminum Handles1195.95
    KS7600BLKKershaw 7600BLK Launch 5 AUTO Folding Knife 3.4" CPM-154 Black Blade, Aluminum Handles, Emerson Design11112.95
    KS7900EBBLKKershaw 7900EBBLK Launch 7 AUTO Folding Knife 3.75" Black CPM-154 Clip Point Blade, Earth Brown Aluminum Handles - Tim Galyean Design1199.95
    KU1014Kizer Cutlery 1014 Thumbper Long Fixed 2" S35VN Stonewashed Blade, Carbon Fiber Handles, Kydex Sheath1163
    KUKI1021A1Kizer Cutlery Ki1021A1 Ulrich Hennicke Task II Fixed 3.74" S35VN Drop Point Blade, Black G10 Handles1188
    KUKI3404A4Kizer Cutlery Ki3404A4 Activ Bantam Flipper 3" S35VN Drop Point Blade, Blue Skull Titanium Handles22152
    KUKI3452Kizer Cutlery Ki3452 Compact IFT Flipper 3.25" S35VN Drop Point Blade, 3D Machined Titanium Handles with Red/Black G10 Inlays1196
    KUKI3471Kizer Cutlery Ki3471 Ray Laconico Gemini Flipper 3.125" S35VN Stonewashed Blade, Titanium Handles22272
    KUKI3493Kizer Cutlery Ki3493 Envoy Flipper 2.99" S35VN Spear Point Blade, Milled Titanium Handles22192
    KUKI3499Kizer Cutlery Ki3499 Justin Lundquist Feist Front Flipper 2.83" S35VN Drop Point Blade, Titanium Handles11134
    KUKI3504K1Kizer Cutlery Ki3504K1 Matt Degnan Guru Flipper 3" S35VN Sheepsfoot Blade, Contoured Titanium Handles with Holes11146
    KUKI401B2Kizer Cutlery Ki401B2 V3 Flipper 3.58" S35VN Black Blade, Rainbow Milled Titanium Handles11103
    KUKI4419A1Kizer Cutlery Ki4419A1 Sliver Folding Knife 3.54" S35VN Stonewashed Blade, Orange Aluminum Handles1156
    KUKI4431Kizer Cutlery Ki4431 Sovereign Tang Flipper 3.56" S35VN Drop Point Blade, CNC Living Meadow Titanium Handles11244
    KUKI4446Kizer Cutlery Ki4446 Quicksilver Flipper 3.75" S35VN Recurve Tanto Blade, Milled Titanium Handles1181
    KUKI4459A1Kizer Cutlery Ki4459A1 Corto Folding Knife 3.44" S35VN Drop Point Blade, Titanium Handles with Green/Black G10 Inlays11100
    KUKI4459A2Kizer Cutlery Ki4459A2 Corto Folding Knife 3.44" S35VN Drop Point Blade, Blue Titanium Handles with Red/Black G10 Inlays11100
    KUKI4469A1Kizer Cutlery Ki4469A1 Kim Ning Shoal Flipper 3.54" S35VN Satin Blade, Milled Titanium Handles33378
    KUKI4474A1Kizer Cutlery Ki4474A1 John Gray SLT Flipper 3.5" S35VN Drop Point Blade, Contoured Titanium Handles11129
    KUKI4482A2Kizer Cutlery Ki4482A2 Dirk Pinkerton Nomad Flipper 3.75" S35VN Upswept Blade, Milled Flamed Titanium Handles11137
    KUKI4484A2Kizer Cutlery Ki4484A2 TK Knives Kyre Flipper 3.43" S35VN Satin Blade, Green Milled Titanium Handles11110
    KUKI4488Kizer Cutlery Ki4488 Sheepdog Knives Chris Conaway c01c Flipper 3.3" S35VN Sheepsfoot Blade, Titanium Handles11163
    KUKI4489Kizer Cutlery Ki4489 Mikkel Willumsen Yamakasi Flipper 3.5" Black S35VN Compound Blade, Milled Titanium Handles11119
    KUKI4495Kizer Cutlery Ki4495 LVKnives Lancer2 Flipper 3.31" S35VN Clip Point Blade, Blue Hole Pattern Titanium Handles11113
    KUKI4509Kizer Cutlery Ki4509 Ulrich Hennicke Sealion Flipper 3.38" S35VN Drop Point Blade, Titanium Handles11123
    KUKI5462A2Kizer Cutlery Ki5462A2 Matt Cucchiara Trifecta Dragon Flipper 3.875" S35VN Stonewashed Blade, Engraved Titanium Handles11132
    KUKI5467Kizer Cutlery Ki5467 Matt Degnan Kane Flipper 3.75" S35VN Stonewashed Blade, Contoured Titanium Handles11141
    KUV3403A1Kizer Cutlery Vanguard V3403A1 V3 Vigor Folding Knife 3" VG10 Drop Point Blade, Black G10 Handles1141
    KUV3454A1Kizer Cutlery Vanguard V3454A1 Matt Cucchiara Flashbang Flipper 3.07" VG10 Satin Blade, Contoured Black G10 Handles1148
    KUV3466A2Kizer Cutlery Vanguard V3466A2 Matt Cucchiara Dukes Flipper 3" VG10 Satin Blade, Milled Red/Black G10 Handles22110
    KUV4467A1Kizer Cutlery Vanguard V4467A1 Matt Degnan Kane Flipper 3.5" VG10 Blade, Black G10 Handles with Stainless Steel Bolsters1157
    KUV4477A2Kizer Cutlery Vanguard V4477A2 Matt Degnan Roach Flipper 3.5" VG10 Gray Blade, Smooth Orange G10 Handles1157
    KUV4484A1Kizer Cutlery Vanguard V4484A1 TK Knives Kyre Flipper 3.42" VG10 Blade, Milled Black G10 Handles1148
    LA33100LamsonSharp USA Walnut 7.25" Meat Cleaver, Walnut Handles1147.6
    LNLBULLionSteel LB UL LionBeat Heart-Shaped Keychain Folding Knife, Olive Wood Integral Handle1134.99
    LSLCD5DLansky 4 Rod DeluxeTurnbox Crock Stick Sharpener1117.95
    LSLTRCSLansky Crock Stick Cold Steel Serrated Knife Sharpener117.95
    LSLTRSPLansky Crock Stick Spyderco Knife Sharpener117.95
    MACA950R-PROMOMac Coltellerie Slipjoint Folding Knife 3" Clip Blade, Red Handles15150
    MCU16DMcusta MC-1 Series Basic Folder - Quincewood Handle, Damascus Blade11157.95
    ME383OLMaserin 383/OL Fly Folding Knife 3-3/8" S35VN Blade, Olive Wood Handles12199.9
    ME976G10AMaserin 976/G10A Croz Hunting Knife Fixed 4.375" N690 Satin Combo Blade, Orange G10 Handles, Black Nylon Sheath22289.9
    MN2230010Marttiini Lapp Beinmesser Fixed 4-1/4" Stainless Blade, Reindeer Horn and Birch Handle, Leather Sheath1182.95
    MO9172Monadnock AutoLock 18" Expandable Baton, Power Safety Tip, Super Grip, Black Chrome11147.5
    MUBPW51118GEMundial 8" Carving Knife with Granton Edge, White Zytel Handles Made in Brazil1124.95
    MXLFODSMaxpedition LFODS PVC Live Free or Die Patch, SWAT114.95
    OEFS50Outdoor Edge 5" Nylon Utility Sheath, Large1326.85
    OH714Old Hickory Butcher Knife 14" High Carbon Steel Blade 5-3/8" Handle1233.9
    OH72Old Hickory Boning Knife 6" Carbon Steel Blade Wood Handle USA Made1111.95
    OH758Old Hickory Slicing Knife 8" Carbon Steel Blade1112.95
    OLI3EBLKOlight i3E Black Keychain LED Flashlight, 90 Max Lumens (1 x AAA)1335.85
    ON8602NSOntario Limited Edition TAK-1 Survival Knife 4.5" 154CM Steel Plain Blade, Micarta Handles22159.9
    ONRAT7Ontario RAT-7 Survival Knife 7" Plain Blade, Micarta Handles, Original MOLLE Sheath (8604)1189.95
    ONW5200Ontario Old Hickory Lettuce/Grape Knife Field Knife 3-1/8" Blade, Hickory Handle1447.8
    PH2KWPhoton Micro-Light II Keychain Flashlight, White LED1549.75
    PU230265Puma Sergeant Lockback Folder, Black ABS Scales, 3.1" Blade1189.99
    QAQTR2ZLTQuartermaster QTR-2zlt B.A. Baracas Frame Lock Karambit 2.35" Hawkbill Blade, Limo Tint Black, Titanium Handles