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Steps to Buying the Right Knife

Buying the right knife - Information courtesy of Buck Knives

1. How will you use it?

  • Everyday: Are you opening boxes or cutting twine?
  • Outdoor (Backpacking/Climbing/Hiking/Camping): Does your activity involve using rope?
  • Hunting/Fishing: Are you field dressing game or cleaning/filleting fish?
  • Tactical/Survival: Do you need a heavy-duty knife that won't fail?
  • Limited Edition/Custom: Are you a collector?

2. What features are important to you?

  • Fixed-blade: Always ready for use and dependable.
  • Folding knife: Compact, safer to carry; improved dependability with locking blade.
  • One-handed opening: Has a thumb stud, blade hole or other feature to facilitate one-hand use. Some models are one-hand opening and one-hand closing as well.
  • Gutting/skinning blade: For field dressing game.
  • Thick Blade: For heavy-duty tasks.
  • Light weight: Use of composite or other materials to minimize weight.
  • Saw edge: For cutting wood or bone.
  • Sharpness: Stays sharp and is easy to sharpen.

3. What is it made of and why?

Blade Materials
A good blade combines good edge retention, ease of re-sharpening and rust resistance.
  • S30V is the best blade steel available. It is a high vanadium stainless steel with even higher edge retention.
  • 154CM and BG-42 are two custom steels with much higher carbon content, giving them higher hardness ratings and dramatically higher edge retention.
  • 420HC is a stainless steel that provides excellent rust resistance, is easy to re-sharpen and has good edge retention.
Handle Materials
A good handle should feel solid and well constructed when you hold it. We suggest you consider a handle style and material that meets your needs and suits your preference.
  • An ergonomic design provides comfort.
  • A rubber or textured handle provides a sure grip in wet conditions.
  • A wooden handle adds beauty to the knife.
  • Plastic/composite handles are durable under extreme conditions.
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  • Kershaw 1555G10BW Cryo Assisted Flipper 2-3/4 inch Blackwash Plain Blade, G10 and Stainless Steel Handles, Rick Hinderer Design
    Kershaw 1555G10BW Cryo Assisted Fli…
    $59.99 On Sale: $29.95

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  • Description
    PL1141: Mike One Tactical Limited Edition
    Pohl Force
    With a 3.74" (95 mm) blade and 5.64 oz. (160 g) weight, the Mike One falls precisely between the proven Alpha and Bravo series of folding knives. It's therefore the perfect size for the everyday carry use.

    The EOD product line consists of premium knives for particularly extreme demands. Their renowned production partner LionSteel located in the city of Maniago, Italy, perfectly manufactures the EOD series according to Pohl Force's stringent design and quality requirements. 

    The G-10 monoblock construction of handle scale and backspacer is colored in dark olive. The 5 mm thick titanium scale with frame lock construction features the reliable RotoBlock safety feature. An attractive and sturdy black stonewashed finish was chosen for the blade, it's tactical and a very well wearing finish. The right side of the blade carries a special Pohl Force EOD logo. As a knife of high-quality EOD series, the Mike One Tactical meets the utmost standards.

    The knife comes with a high quality Kydex holster with paracord lanyard. This allows carrying around the neck and the sheath is also Tek-Lok compatible. This very limited production model has only 200 pieces available worldwide, with 10 allocated for US sale.

    **Comes with a removable thumb disk so the knife can be operated as a one or two-hand opener for legality concerns.
    • Massive two-piece handle made of G-10 and Titanium
    • Black stonewashed blade finish
    • Frame lock with additional Rotoblock backup
    • Handle and spacers made of G-10 material milled out - 3D machined
    • High skid resistance by milled grooves
    • Handle shape allows firm purchase in various grips
    • Handles secured by large bolts, removable and adjustable
    • Flexible lanyard for individual adjustment to the wrist
    • Pocket clip can be mounted depending on the application order in 2 different positions
    • Blade Length: 3.74" (9.5 cm)
    • Blade Steel: Niolox Stainless Steel, 59HRC
    • Blade Thickness: 0.196" (5 mm)
    • Handle Material: OD Green G10 Face Scale and Titanium Lock
    • Handle Thickness: 0.59" (15 mm)
    • Overall Length: 8.66" (22.0 cm)
    • Weight: 5.64 oz. (160 g)
    • Made in Italy
    Frame Lock
    Frame Lock
    Developed by Chris Reeve, it functions like a liner lock but the lock is comprised of one of the handle scales. It's an extremely strong and easy to manipulate lock.
    Pocket Clip
    Pocket Clip
    Includes a pocket clip for easy accessibility and a more secure carry.
    Nylon Sheath
    Nylon Sheath
    Durable, flexible, abrasion and mildew resistant, Nylon also is very strong
    Titanium Handles
    Titanium Handles
    A nonferrous metal, it's prized for its high strength to weight ratio and is often used on higher end knives.