to include x4+x4+m... For the money, the best survival/combat knife out there...
4 out of 5
Victoria, BC, Canada
Sep 09, 2016
Pros: Sheath/Scabbard, Materials, Overall Quality, Weight, Blade Material, Blade Sharpness
Cons: None
Great Blade, Decent Handle, Good Sheath
I received my Mora Garberg last night. Beautiful knife. The blade was decently sharp coming out of the box, and the spine and exposed tang at the butt were sharp. The blade has a true scandi grind with a micro bevel. Laser-engraved logo and decent finish. Very nice look upon first impression. Felt great to hold. The handle is an extremely solid, hard polymer plastic. It would be nice to have a little more grip, but it's by no means slippery to the touch. It seems that grip was sacrificed for durability, as this is an outdoors knife that is meant to take a beating. The handle is also symmetrical, allowing for the knife to be held in any way. The finish is nice, with just a little extra material remaining from what I think was the site where the needle was from the injection molding. I ordered the leather sheath with my blade. My knowledge of leather is limited, but the sheath feels solid to the touch. I gave the belt loop a few very hard tugs and there were no signs of looseness. Seems built to withstand some beating. Knife fits great in the sheath and comes out with a tug. The look of the sheath is sleek and unpolished. The weight of the blade is what really surprised me. Much heavier than you'd expect, but not too heavy. It feels like a very solid object in your hands. I was very pleasantly surprised to note that the blade was very well balanced, with a centerpoint where the index finger lies on the handle when grabbing the blade. When I purchased this knife, I was looking for an affordable, durable blade capable of rough backcountry use such as batoning wood. Additionally, I was looking for a stainless steel blade as I do a lot of hiking along the coast of Vancouver Island. While I haven't put it to the test yet, I am very pleasantly surprised with the blade as-is out of the box. Since I'm from Canada and our currency is worth the tune of a beaver's, I did end up having to pay the conversion rate, shipping, and duties. The total came out to roughly $130. For everyone down south, the Garberg is definitely a steal at $80.
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Garberg Series
Morakniv Garberg Utility Knife Fixed 4.3 inch 14C28N Blade, Black Polyamide Handle, Leather Sheath
Morakniv Garberg Utility Knife Fixed 4.3" 14C28N Blade, Black Polyamide Handle, Leather Sheath
$119.99 $94.99


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Garberg Series