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Olamic Cutlery Custom Wayfarer Compact WC199 Flipper 3.5" Satin CTX-XHP Blade, Green Canvas Micarta Handles with Zirconium Bolsters and Clip

Part Number: OCWAYCWC199
Manufacturer: Olamic Cutlery


This product is no longer available
OCWAYCWC199: Wayfarer Compact Flipper, Green Canvas Micarta
Olamic Cutlery
The Wayfarer was Olamic Cutlery's first venture into folding knives. It was designed by custom knifemaker Mike Vagnino and the original 4" model couldn't have been a better jumping off point. It was a very well balanced, fast, strong tactical folder with beautiful lines and an extremely comfortable feel. Now, after much customer input, the Wayfarer is available in a more everyday carriable, compact size and it still has many of the great attributes that made the Wayfarer so popular, plus some new ones.

The 3.5" hand hollow ground CTS-XHP blade is satin finished and rides on a caged bearing system for a supremely quick deployment using the flipper. The Wayfarer Compact has added a thumb slot for a more traditional style opening method you can use when you need a silent blade deployment. The titanium liner lock, floating moonglow backspacer and Torx screw construction give the knife durability and strength throughout. The handle is made from green canvas Micarta with zirconium bolsters for an absolutely gorgeous look. This is a supremely limited custom knife and you will not be able to put it down because the action and the size are so darn nice. The pivot and liners are brushed titanium while the pocket clip is milled zirconium to create the very uniform look of this custom design. It comes with ultra-functional jimping on the thumb ramp, a certificate of authenticity and a nylon Olamic pouch to keep it all together. This is the custom EDC blade you've been looking for, brought to you by the talented, innovative team at Olamic Cutlery.
  • Blade Length: 3.5"
  • Cutting Edge: 3.55"
  • Closed Length: 4.75"
  • Overall Length: 8.125"
  • Blade Material: CTS-XHP Stainless Steel
  • Blade Thickness: 0.150"
  • Blade Style: Drop Point
  • Blade Grind: Compound
  • Blade Finish: Satin
  • Handle Material: Green Canvas Micarta with Zirconium Bolsters 
  • Handle Thickness: 0.68"
  • Liner Material: Titanium
  • Locking Mechanism: Liner Lock
  • Pivot Assembly: Caged Bearings
  • Pocket Clip: Zirconium (Tip-Up, Right Carry)
  • Weight: 5.3 oz.
  • Designer: Mike Vagnino
  • Handmade in the USA
Pocket Clip
Pocket Clip
Includes a pocket clip for easy accessibility and a more secure carry.
Micarta Handles
Micarta Handles
Micarta is a compressed layered composite sealed within a thermosetting plastic which creates a strong, attractive material that is impervious to water.
Custom Made Knife
Custom Made Knife
Custom knives are hand made in shops around the world. These will typically be extremely high quality and one of a kind pieces meticulously built by the craftsman.
Made in USA
Made in USA
This product is USA born and raised.