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  • TOPS Knives Nicholas Fury Bushcrafter Kukuri 7.0 Fixed 7-3/4" 1095 Kukri Blade, Micarta Handles (BKUK-01)


    Retail Price: $270.00 | You Save: $81.05 (30%)
    Part #: TOBKUK01 | TOPS Knives
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    TOBKUK01: Bushcrafter Kukuri 7.0
    TOPS Knives
    This is not just another Kukuri design. You will notice that there is a deeper sweeping belly to this blade than a normal Kukuri. This allows you to use a shorter blade and still have tremendous chopping power. The belly also helps facilitate it’s use to skin animals, whether choking up on the blade with your hand up on the spine, or using a push or draw motion to cape.

    The curved nature of this Kukuri design is a natural for slicing, using the blade as a draw knife in push, or pull direction, creating feather sticks with the inner curve of the blade, processing firewood - whether by chopping, or batoning, smashing nuts with the pommel, scraping bark with the back of the knife, etc.

    The handle has been designed to be used under harsh conditions, and not injure the hands from repeated use over extended periods of time. There is a bow drill divot on each side of the handle to facilitate this action should you need to make fire by friction in this manner, and a lanyard hole at the end of the pommel. Function, and ergonomics were the key elements here.

    The Bushcrafter Kukuri is first and foremost a tool, designed to embrace all those characteristics, which make up a knife that is useful for both Bushcraft, and Survival. It has enough size and strength to accomplish any mission in a Survival situation, yet is light enough, short enough, and nimble enough to use for Bushcrafting chores.

    As a weapon, the soldier can count on the Bushcrafter Kukuri to perform flawlessly. The Nepalese Kukuri is well known for its ability to kill or sever with a single blow. The Bushcrafter Kukuri is no different. The awesome strength, cutting and stabbing power of the Ku