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  • Hole DiNi>Bli>
  • Weight: 3Naterli>
  • Made in NNNNNK+_ K+x K+N
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  •  K+x K+PM K+PM K+QPD K+ K+-black-drop-point-blade-silver-anum-$N K+5$ K+5| (0 N?N[]anFN"scrQ K+> SWITCH K+x K+[]s.FNcom/ K+5x165/knM K+x K+/BCB600B3FNOPS B-600-B Bear Song VI Butterfly Knife 3.5 in3FNe, SilveP] K+x K+q desttime( K+ww.knifecenter.cce"!""p $O K+h K+ $0E K+x K+@ F K+ K+1 K+@$ K K+Icon+ Z K+x K+[id]]][!] [/!]SHOWIF="152px">