Up to 75% OFF Outdoor & Survival Knives & Gear
Up to 75% OFF Outdoor & Survival Knives & Gear
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Dan Sullivan of DSK Tactical born and raised in Arizona. After 9/11, he joined the Marine Corps, a lifelong goal and desire, becoming a 0311, rifleman. During his time in the Marine Corps he deployed to Iraq and many other countries. With his service complete he left the Marine Corps to pursue other desires directly related to his service. He began to learn the trade of blacksmithing, as knives and weaponry have always captured and intrigued him. Knifemaking is not just a business for Dan, he treats it as a pursuit to honor those he has served with and those who have given their lives in service. At times, Dan has described this work as therapeutic. His long term goals with his craft are to equip knife enthusiasts with custom knives that are functional, tactical and distinctive, and as tough as the individuals who carry them.

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