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Rob B.
Texas, U.S.A.
Nov 17, 2015
Pros: Head Material, Balance, Construction, Weight, Handle Material
Cons: None
Camillus Les Stroud SK Vigor 18" Hatchet
I spent close to a month searching for the what I thought was the perfect hatchet/tomahawk. I new I wanted multi-function features with it, something that was not just balanced right for chopping but could be held properly for cutting and skinning also. As well as have some type of hammer ability not a spike as I don't see the need of it to bash in "zombie heads" or "puncture the side of a vehicle" as a viable survival scenario. Sorry if that hits to close to home for some, but after 10 yrs in the U.S. Army Infantry, I do believe I know what I'm talking about there. I also knew that I wanted something that could possibly be used to dig and and had the right length and balance for the job. The majority of the weight is in the head which is where you want it for chopping as that lets the tool do the work and not your arm, and the length gives you the right mechanical advantage to be able to utilize that weight properly. The chisel head at the top is good for digging as well as prying, just tilt the hatchet a little so the blade isn't used in the digging. The hammer head I would have liked to have seen been a little thicker than the rest of the blade, it would make hammering easier as well as holding the hatchet head in hand easier for cutting and skinning. The fact that it comes with a fire starter was a great bonus I thought and it also comes with Les Stroud's survival tips printed on a bright yellow sheet of paper thin plastic that has multiple uses as well. All in all what your getting, for what you pay for, is more than worth the $50 or so it costs. The only con I can say I have about this product is they don't mention what type of steel grade it is they use, "Titanium Bonded® cutlery-grade steel" is the only description.
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