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@/Angle?/The sm?/he sha/ll fee?/ the a/al tha/e, and/he edg?/ing an@/ your / blade?/thin, ?/e. You/strong/e edge/hing l/will h/around/it's c/at's 1/tility/angles/15- an/48 deg?/e will/ound a?//p> /ound u/rimary/rees, /ndary ?/rees, /be obs/ the e/rather/t what?/chosen/olding/ <@/tions @/d chis/p> /d of S/

B/needs ?/he edg/w do t/most o?/d be b@/ly lea/en tha/h abou@/ages o?/other./tones / have @/es mak/h easi@/ time-/he ark@/arkans/the co/harder@/finer ?/ use o/, oste/e stee/ep the@/e ston@/has po/on tha/utely /harpen/sults ?/arkans?/oil ha/ive. H/e ever/arkans/ to co/r it w?/ever p/ansas /ver ne?/Synthe/y hard/ike na/tural /lley s/ver ti/ll wit/d stee/deterg/an ver/ry wel/hinkin/th ste/ the s/the st/up the/ But I/s not /ever r@//&@/ dirti?/ansky /rers w/stones?/s with/dded i/ively./tal ve@/need t/lest y/ too f@/ and L/ufactu/ond-ba/amond .@/oblem ?/ust we/eaving@/s ston/ce wit@/and ca/ not h//p> /s will/ut in /e. To /out, p/on a f@/b the /et/dry/r moun/ or gl?/work w/

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/e, the?/se liq?/g the /he sha/ower a?/ you i/uid an/pend m/our ca/ave th/consis/ll moo/ </ My St/notes / @/tone, @/your e/he rou@/e more/the ed/ot;mic@/;. Tho/ologic/icro-s@/able (?/re's n/ng loo/cope),/ct of /is und/> ?/ed the/your e/doing /ons li/ing, p/kinnin?/ur cut/@/@/>A rou@/errate/etter ?/pplica?/ throu/od, et/presen/e area/t;bite?/ing be@/p>It i/an edg/hair w@/400 gr/actice@/ention/se man?/ll the/es &qu?/ther t/uot;].?/will h/ro-ser/us ver/stated/too ro/y gene/Howeve/d this/ce edg/ty wor/e grea/eally /g coar/ ?/ne sto/uld st/edge, / up wi?/sharp / a goo/eral u@/eciall/errate/ serra?/when t/ed mai/e beco@/.

/g>****/ TIP *@/trong>?/any tr/ing te?/ting a/ike ed/lly th@/ts we /d our ?/are. S/ur arm/n slic/ piece?/ favor/edge. /h a co?/eel as/utperf/shed e?/e cuts/icantl/ work ?/uts (c/ you s@/sider @/ coars/ a fil?/ of th/ecisio/bably /n find@/arpeni/

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Th/dicate/hink c/r grit@/know y/ular u/ften, @/inutes/est ou/ dull-/harpen/erform/?/?/y not /ut if / rope,@/e tick/you ev@/tion t/ be &q@/;, mov/rit is/gested?/p"/ately,/polish/ay sha/not do/ob wel/rse gr/ds to /ense t/s need/tly.Strop@/unning?/piece / with @/ive li?/ or gr/ (I ha/jewele/ but h@/at a m@/ter is?/ne for/inish /or a l/he edg?/Stropp/use fi/pposed?/ in ke/ angle/ To st/dge al/th the/spine / trail/from s/ne). W/t razo@/e razo?/n the /on is /ng the/its sp/nce, t/y withA@/You ca?/lade s/the le@/too hi?/bites ?/that's/ange d@/ng the/turnin?/cing i/

/ropped/, give/ come /t of c/ so op/ype sh/rop to@/ake up/fect s/e -- a/e made/e easy/ever, /le tha/ble to/cary s/trop; @/p keep@/ing we/ving y?/he hon/he abs/ay, ou?/any pe/ns and/s a st?/bly no?/ the d/tice, @/at sai?/ havin/ on nu/and ha@/esults/er and/ick is/(say, / of a / You c?/ge the/tal po@/in wit/en str/withou?/cardbo/eptabl/cardbo///-groun/und) k/for bu/s.

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Wh?/ for a/ a kni/in edg/on a k/edge t/ and c/nt. No/s stil/, but @/ct ver/e edge/aight @/his po/harpen?/ sharp/sary a/ases t?/fe as ?/ife aw/ to pu/ck wit?//p> /used t/e on t/t last?/e-alig/ll the@/. It d@/move a/e stee?/is to /pening/ectly /o its ?/ny bum/arket,@/t cert?/umers /must h?/ The b/mess u/ke the/more d/

The/ of th/ome pe?/teels,/dge mo/t are ?/. I us/which /e but / more />To us/he kni/ on on/ press/ssure /ight o/uired!/e othe/gain. / times/eels s/n. I h/y left/n my r/run th/steel ?/steel /'s per/e both/ast ea/me tim?/ks for/ost pe@/ down /st, th/ou use/This y/. Howe/ going@/the st/o the /ening ?/ople l/rst (l/) inst/lso wo/rsonal/eel th/s dire/ the t/. It i/go spi/u have/it swi/ and y/up jus/>If yo/ every/you wi/engthe/ sharp/ steel/ on ki/it's a/even o/4.

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One/ sharp/ur thu/l plac/ blade/pad, a/n the / can f/een th/ and m/s cons/ the h/ehand /ving b/ as ke/ angle/icult./all th/vely w/ehand,?/r tric/ing a /> /ep in /'s no / keep @/If you/t edge?/many f?/oo thi/ell. I/ith th/of you/afraid/he ang/ <?/fe go / ?/compla/ot;I s/and di?/as rea/n afte/it wen@/does t/

O/g fact?/mes a ?/se fac@/:

  • W/rr is /d off,?/rned d/fe wil?/. Howe/kly tu/leavin/dull-f/ure to/ at th/ening /ure th/i> /dge /e
    /ing be/ /ethod / side ?/nd up /ken of/r side?/edge t/tered./sn't a/ but a/esn't /This h/you gr/o crea/as to ?/ots of?/emoved