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Butterfly Knives - Balisongs -Batangas
Butterfly Knives - Balisongs -Batangas

Butterfly Knives - Balisongs -Batangas

Butterfly knives - also known as balisongs or Batangas knives - originated in the Phillipines. The handles of these knives rotate around the tang and have grooves which conceal the knife when closed. These knives were first made in the USA by Balisong USA, the company now known as Benchmade.

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Arrived: Mon 11/20
play video Benchmade 51 Morpho Bali-Song Butterfly 4.25 inch Satin D2 Plain Blade, G10 Handles
Benchmade 51 Morpho Bali-Song Butterfly 4.25" Satin D2 Plain Blad…
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4.5 (49)
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Arrived: Mon 11/20
Les Voorhies Custom Model 2 Balisong 4.25 inch S35VN Clip Point Blade, Titanium Handles with Timascus Inlays and Clip