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Police and Actasx*x*litary or Law Enforcement personnel must verify their employment status. A copy of your identification may be requested by

Government employees seeking to procure these items in their official capacity must enter the order on their government procurement forms.

18 USC 1716 (G) (2) (1-4): Switchblades knives can be shipped to civilian and armed forces supply or procurement officers and employees of the Federal government ordering or procuring or purchasing such knives in connection with activities in the Federal government; supply or procurement officers in the National Guard, the Air National Guard or militia of the state or territory of the District of Columbia ordering, procuring or purchasing such knives in connections with the activities of such organizations; to supply or procurement officers or employees of the municipal government of the District of Columbia or the government of any state or territory of any county, city or other political subdivision of a state or territory ordering, procuring or purchasing such knives in connection with the activities of such government.

You can verify that you meet these criteria by doing the following:

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