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GB80041: The Reactor is the first LED flashlight to match the output of incandescent flashlights, illuminating objects over 75 feet away. The Reactor uses custom optics with the latest LED technology. Why no cluster of LEDs? One Reactor LED is 3X brighter than your standard 4 LED cluster. The Reactor shines brightest with AA batteries. Weight w/0 batteries: Less than 3.75 oz.

Key Features:

  1. Super-bright white lifetime L.E.D. bulb with custom optics
  2. Black machined aircraft aluminum housing
  3. Lanyard hole
Product Description:
offers all the benefits of the Reactor with an additional 50% burn time (100 hours). This is a true breakthrough in L.E.D illumination: the first L.E.D. flashlight to match the output of its incandescent predecessors. A single indestructible 1-watt L.E.D. bulb illuminates objects 100 feet away, making the Reactor 3X brighter than a standard 4 L.E.D. cluster. The Reactor 3 is a hybrid of durable polycarbonate resin and anodized aircraft aluminum. Equipped with 3 AA batteries.

Technical Specs:

  • One Super-bright one-watt lifetime white L.E.D. bulb
  • 100 hour battery life on three standard AA batteries
  • Illuminates up to 100'
  • Water-resistant
  • Weight: 5.6 oz.


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Jun 13, 2013
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You will want to exercise caution when considering the purchase of this Gerber-branded "Reactor 3". I bought the original when it was introduced by CMG as their flagship model. It had a nice feel to it, and when you manipulated the switch, it had a good feel too. The only problem was that the switch did not work reliably! You would rotate the flashlight head and feel the detent engage for ON and usually a few seconds later the light would either just flicker a bit and go off, or more often, just cut off completely. The CMG company refused to admit their switch design was seriously flawed. Just the opposite in fact---they added a section on the front page of their website explaining why there was no flaw in their perfect design and stating that we users were just using it wrong! Since CMG was billing the Reactor 3 as their flagship model, I have to wonder if its flaws didn't hasten the demise of the company. I have read claims that the switch mechanism was improved on later models, but we early adopters got screwed. My Reactor 3 went into storage soon after CMG posted their denial of problems with it on their homepage. From that point on, I ignored everything CMG related. Even if the switch could be made reliable, the ergonomics of this flashlight are poor. Few people will be able to turn it on or off with one hand. Since there are many AA LED flashlights that do work well with one hand (some even from Gerber---e.g., the Gerber "TX 4.0 White LED Flashlight"), I just don't see why any sensible person would consider the Reactor 3. As for my Reactor 3, I ran across it again when I was reorganizing some of my stuff a few years ago---I honestly do not recall whether I threw it away or put it back in storage. In this review, I'm checking only the "Durability" box in the Cons section---the light is effectively broken already if the switch is not reliable. There are no Pros to check for this light.
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