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William Henry Lancet 'Golden Age' Compact Folder 2.75" Hornet's Nest Damascus Blade, Sterling Silver Handles with Fossil Mammoth Inlays - B10 GOLDEN AGE

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Manufacturer: William Henry Knives
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WHB10GOLDENAGE: Lancet 'Golden Age' Compact Folder
William Henry Knives
The Lancet 'Golden Age' features a beautiful frame made from hand carved sterling silver, overlaid with gold, inlaid with mesmerizing 10,000 year-old Woolly Mammoth tooth. The blade is hand forged 'Hornet's Nest' Damascus by Mike Norris. The one-hand button lock and the thumb stud are set with black diamonds. Sleek, elegant, refined, and comfortable in the hand and to the eye, the Lancet defines the essential gentleman's folder in the modern world. The 'Golden Age' features one of the most exotic materials, the exquisite artistry, and the hand-forged metals that are the hallmark of William Henry's collections.
  • 'Hornet's Nest' Damascus
  • Hand-Carved Sterling Silver
  • 10,000 Year Old Fossil Mammoth Bone
  • Black Diamond Inlays
  • Leather Lanyard
  • One-Hand Button Lock System
  • Leather Carrying Case
  • Blade Length: 2.75" (69.9 mm)
  • Cutting Edge: 2.625" (66.7 mm)
  • Handle Length: 3.75" (95.3 mm)
  • Overall Length: 6.375" (161.9 mm)
  • Blade Steel: 'Hornet's Nest' Damascus
  • Handle Material: Hand-Carved Sterling Silver with Fossil Mammoth Bone Inlays
  • Includes a Leather Lanyard and Beautiful Black Wooden Display Case
  • Weight: 2.1 oz. (59.5 g)
  • Handmade in the USA
Semi-Custom or Mid-Tech knives are knives produced by a process in which the designer has more direct--but not complete--involvement; parts of these knives may still have been made by others.
Leather Sheath
Leather Sheath
Leather is known for its durability and traditional appeal. When compared to Kydex it is preferred for its silence when bumped against other objects, as well as blade retention.
Silver Handles
Silver Handles
Higher-end and beautiful, sterling silver handles are a sign of quality and sophistication.
Made in USA
Made in USA
This product is USA born and raised.
Damascus Steel
Damascus Steel
A layered steel that can be either carbon or stainless. The finished blade is acid etched to give it a unique design. Damascus is known for its toughness, and edge holding capabilities.
5.000 (1 review)
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5 out of 5
Stiven L
Taoyuan , Other
Apr 11, 2016
Pros: Blade Material, Sheath, Blade Sharpness, None
Cons: Weight, Handle Feel, Blade Sharpness
take a shine to begin to have special liking
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