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Columbia River Kommer Fulcrum 2.75" Satin Plain Blade, Gray/Black CPL Scales - 7403

Part Number: CR7403
Manufacturer: Columbia River (CRKT)


This product is no longer available
CR7403: Kommer Fulcrum™ - Plain Edge - Satin Blade, Vibratory Liners, Gray/Black CPL scales
Columbia River Knife & Tool

Please Note: The plastic material used in the handles of this product are prone to hairline cracks. This is the nature of the material and not considered a defect by the manufacturer. If this is not acceptable to you, please select a different product
Opening is just "press down, pull up" in one continuous motion, thanks to the designer Russ Kommer and Fulcrum Action* inventor Charles Kain.

Just when we thought we had seen every way possible to open a folding knife, a prototype arrived from knifemaker and inventor Charles Kain of Indianapolis, Indiana, that demonstrated his Fulcrum™ Action (patent pending). It didn’t take us long to purchase the rights to this surprising lock for use in CRKT production folders.

We felt the Fulcrum Action was perfect for a sleek design proposed by knifemaker Russ Kommer, and so we put Russ to work integrating it into his folder, which we call the Fulcrum™. We also worked closely with our manufacturing experts to develop a production lock with smooth action and tight, wiggle-free lockup.

So here it is, one of the slickest-operating lightweight personal folders we have ever seen, and that includes custom knives, too.

To open the Fulcrum, simply press the left side of the frame down with your thumb. The blade swings out to the 90-degree position. Then pull the left side of the frame back, gripping with your index finger at the choil, and the blade continues to rotate open and lock in the open position. After a few openings, you can do it naturally in one continuous, fluid action, or “fulcrumation.”

To close the Fulcrum, simply release the stainless steel locking liner. One-hand closing is also fast and easy.

The build uses our high-carbon steel InterFrame with a steel pivot at the back spacer. Scales are injection molded of tough CPL composite, and the swirls on each one are unique. The stainless steel bolsters have a diamond pattern.

The 2.75” blade is a modified drop point style with a high hollow grind, made from premium AUS 8 stainless steel.

We’re offering two models. For traditionalists, the base model 7403 features a satin blade finish, vibratory frame finish, and gray/black swirled scales. For the more adventurous, the deluxe model 7404 boasts a black titanium nitride blade finish, deep blue titanium nitride frame, and wild blue/black swirled scales.

Both models come with a removable stainless steel pocket/gear clip.

Archimedes once said if given a lever long enough, he could move the earth. We don’t know if our Fulcrum will cause the earth to move, but if it just sends a little tremor through the world of knife enthusiasts, we’ll be happy.

  • Blade: Length: 2.75” (7.0 cm)
  • Thickness: 0.10” (0.25 cm)
  • Steel: AUS 8, 58-59 HRC
  • Closed: Handle length: 3.90” (10.0 cm)
  • Open: Overall length: 6.25” (16.8 cm)
  • Weight: 2.7 oz. (77 g)
About the Knife Designer
Russ Kommer of Fargo, North Dakota, has been a commercial hunting guide since 1980. He started making knives when one of his hunter clients brought a custom knife and dressed an entire moose without sharpening it. He began working with noted Alaskan knifemaker John Shore, who took Russ into his shop and showed him how to grind. He began making his own line of knives in 1997, and his custom catalog shows a range of fixed blade knives, including Bowie and Camp Knives, Fillet Knives, Hunters, Fighters and Boot Knives, all available with a variety of exotic handles and with engraving. He is the designer of the CRKT Bear Claw, Big Eddy, a growing number of hunting knives including our Pro and Signature Hunters and the assisted opening Full Throttle. He says, “I set out to make a quality knife that would perform and be comfortable to handle. I have found knifemaking to be my calling, and would like to thank all the people who have helped me along the way!”
AUS-8 Stainless Steel
AUS-8 Stainless Steel
A very widely used EDC steel, AUS-8 can take a very nice edge while also maintaining moderate edge holding and corrosion resistance properties.
Pocket Clip
Pocket Clip
Includes a pocket clip for easy accessibility and a more secure carry.
Zytel Handles
Zytel Handles
A nylon polymer that is lightweight and extremely durable, Zytel can be shaped and textured to provide excellent grip.