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We're redesigning our website! We will have even more capabilities, but we want to make sure that we "get it right" when we go live and we need your help.

If you answer the following questions, we can guide our designers to produce the kind of site you will want to go to for information and selection. We want the navigation to be as easy as possible.

1. What type of Web Shopper are you? (select one)

2. How do you use the Knifecenter? (select one)

3. After landing on our home page, where do you usually go? (select one)

4. When landing on a "brands" page, would you prefer: (select one)


5. The features I want to see are: (select all that apply)
Accurate shipping costs
Delivery times
Recently viewed items
Related (similar) items
Best selling items
Most reviewed items
Customers also purchased

6. What is(are) your favorite thing(s) about the Knifecenter?

7. What is(are) your least favorite thing(s) about the Knifecenter?

8. Comments/Suggestions

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