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Well, you can with the latest Blackie Collins Premier Design... the Sidewinder™! This is the most futuristic automatic folder available. Swiss watchmakers probably wish they had the technology. The Sidewinder™ uses only internal American made, high quality, precision parts with tolerances that would amaze you. Powered by a unique extension coil spring and rotating the blade by means of a phosphor bronze drive wheel puts new meaning into the words high tech automatic. The 440C blade steel is combined with 17 4 PH stainless and phosphor bronze to make sure that the blade, springs, screws and other metal fittings are as high tech as they can be and the Blackie Collins Premier Design sets this knife apart from anything on the market. The high glass content of the handle material makes a stable platform for the unique mechanism. It also has a lanyard hole that is high tech and protected as a proprietary design. The current model has a 3.25" modified stiletto blade with a rockwell hardness of 58 and is 4" long when closed. Available with a plain or partially serrated blade. Other sizes as well as manuals will be introduced soon. This is the most unique knife available. Blackie designed his first automatic folder in 1967 and the Sidewinder™ is light years ahead. If Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker had a choice, they would give up their light sabers for the Sidewinder™.

Sidewinder™ is offered as a Bench Mark™ product, which has always been known for high quality and innovation. The Sidewinder™ will be available as a Limited Edition and serialized 20th anniversary Bench Mark™. Bench Mark™, originally started by Blackie Collins in 1979 is now owned by Marshall Hardin of National Knife.

Plain Edge

Combo Edge

This is an automatic and is available to military and police only

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Dexter Ewing
Designed by Blackie Collins, Benchmark's Sidewinder automatic is not just another automatic opener. Though on the outside it may look like any other auto on the market, but it's what's on the inside that differentiates the Sidewinder from other automatic openers on the market today. The textured GV6H polymer scales conceal an aircraft cable and pulley system that drives the 440C stainless blade open with full force throughout the arc of the blade's travel. If you look at the inside of the handle when the knife is opened, you can easily see the expansion spring (imagine a giant version of the spring of a retractable ball point pen) attached to the end of the braided steel cable. The cable extends to the pivot and winds up around a phosphor bronze bushing, in which the blade rides on. Press the button and the spring pulls on the cable - which in turn unwinds off of the bushing causing the blade to open quickly and effortlessly. All this happens in the blink of an eye! A button plunge lock mechanism keeps the blade locked in the closed or open position, and is recessed enough to avoid unintentional firing when the knife is in the pocket. Another item of noteworthy mention - the handle spine is fully enclosed. When the blade comes to a rest in the open position, it butts up against a steel grub screw that serves as the blade stop. The screw has a hex head and is anchored firmly in the end of the GV6H handle spacer. If the blade were to develop some up-and-down play when open, all you need to do is obtain a hex wrench of the appropriate size and adjust the grub screw accordingly to take up the slop. Also notice the combination assembly screw/lanyard screw at the rear of the handle. This large assembly provides a place to thread a lanyard through and also provides strength and rigidity at the rear of the handle. Overall, I am pleased with this knife. It lays in your hand comfortably with its rounded handle contours. The large finger recess forms an integral guard to keep your hand from sliding forward. The large drop point blade lends itself well to a variety of utility tasks. Benchmark and Collins have done a superb job on the Sidewinder. Benchmark has also informed me that a manual version of the Sidewinder will be available in the future. It will have the same button lock mechanism and phosphor bronze bushing, and ambidextrous thumbstuds.

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