Blade Show News:
A series of folders based on the Infinity Ceramic blade knife are in the works. They will have steel blades and various inlay materials within the plastic handle will be available.

Also the Brend folders came in with both the G-10 and with Coco Bolo wood handles. These are heavy Liner locks and have a definite heavy custom made feel to them. They are priced, however, very reasonably.

Also, the Applegate Damascus steel models have arrived and we have several 9consecutively numberedc BTW) all under 200

Also the BOKLM2 knife which is the red handled model below

Boker has released the BOKL100CS which is the carbon fiber handled liner lock designed by Michael Walker and produced in Switzerland with a pocket clip and combo edge blade.

Collector Set of Klotzli liner locks


Collector set of three knives all with matching serial number XX of 50
Only fifty of these sets were made and they include a wooden display box with a glass cover. Three different colors of Carbon Fiber. The black and Chartreuse models have blackened blades and the black handle model is polished. These will never be offered again, so grab one if it appeals to you.

BOKLM123order / info discount knife catalog with knives swords shaving supplies and more


Mother of Pearl Mini Top Locks are in stock and will be featured on the next Tactical Knives Magazine cover.

The Black Specialist has arrived with a G-10 handle

When Boker releases a new item, the first 3000 are generally serial numbered. The combat knives , however, are all generally serial numbered.

The Omega name will be withdrawn from the Boker selection. They will be call the G-10 Super Liners.

The Walter Brend tactical folders will be here soon- hopefully this month (May '99)

Boker Stellars are in and they are actually the same as the Y2K version of the Superliner, but not that limited edition. The first batch are, however, numbered.

A damascus steel blade Applegate Dagger! Incredible and we will have them. This will, of course, be a limited run and they feature a wooden handle and the spectacular Boker damascus polished to its highest level of perfection! They may be several months in delivery.

The 1999 damascus issue will be a Walter Brend design liner locking folder with ebony handles.

Also, some of the Wimph designs in different colored Carbon Fiber handles.

Boker Fixed Blades designed by Bud Nealy Specialist I - tanto fixed blade, skeletonized handle. 440C steel, with buyer's choice of either G-10 or cocobolo handles. Will come with Nealy's MCS carry system that includes a Kydex sheath.

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