Boker Knives Boker Knife From Knife Center
Boker Knives From Knife Center
Boker Knives of Solingen, Germany has been producing knives and tools for over a century and today they are one of the foremost knife makers in the world. The Boker Knife is famous. Boker Knives offers their traditional Tree Brand folding knives in popular styles like Trapper Knife, Stockman Knives and Canoe knife models, as well as the Applegate Fighting Dagger combat knife, Tactical Liner Locking Folding Knives, state of the art ceramic blade knives, kitchen cutlery and much more. Look to Boker Knife for the most innovative designs and materials.
For the Time Being, We Are No Longer Shipping Boker Products to Europe
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Boker Fixed Blade knives combat tactical knives fighting knives hunting knives and more
Boker Fixed Blade Knives

All of their non folding knives including combat
knives and bowie knife models
Boker Folding pocketknives
Boker Folding Knives

Including traditional pocketknives, Liner
locking pocketknife models and others
Boker Kitchen Knives and Cutlery
Boker Kitchen Knives

A wide variety of very creative designs including ceramic blade knives and titanium composite blade knives
Boker Cinch Knives including pocketknife and lockback
Boker Cinch Brand Series

Super quality products with the western wear brand
Damascus knives and pocket knives from Boker Knives
Damascus Blade Knives made by Boker Knives

Damascus steel blades are hand-forged in the painstaking tradition perfected over 2000 years ago
Boker Chad Los Banos Knives includiing pocket knife models
BokerPlus Chad los Banos Series

Small tactical knives, both fixed and folders designed
by Hawaiian knifemaker Chad los Banos
Boker Letter Openers in Damascus Steel
Boker Letter Openers in Damascus Steel

A novel and elegant addition to any desk
Boker Solingen Straight Razors
Boker Solingen Razors
Re-establishing a century old tradition
Boker Knives Limited Editions Including Fixed blade combat knives, Damascus Steel knives and folding pocketknives
Boker Knives Limited Editions!

We get a variety of limited edition folding pocketknives and combat knives from Boker Knives
Boker Rescue Knives and Products
Boker Rescue Products

Various Rescue Products from Boker Knives
Boker Argentinean Made Products
Boker Argentinean Made Products

Wonderful quality of manufacture and
engineering from the "deep south"
Boker Sheaths
Boker Sheaths

Redesigned for combat and tactical use
Diving Knives from Boker Knife Company
Dive Knives
from Boker
Top quality dive knives in rust resistant materials.
Boker Kitchen Knife Blocks
Boker Kitchen Knife Blocks

Innovative design in wood using
strong magnets.
Boker Training Knives
Boker Training Knives

Great designs for self defense training
Boker DVD Selection
Boker DVD Selection

We offer their entire selection. See all KnifeCenter Video offerings
Boker Wilson Tactical Para Cord Items
Boker Wilson Tactical Para Cord Items

Handy way to carry a useful material
BokerPlus Tactical Flashlights
BokerPlus Tactical Flashlights

Quality flashlights in useful models at great prices.
Picnic Knives
Boker Arbolito Dining Set Stag Handles

These sets from Boker Arbolito in Buenos Aires, come with fine handles of genuine stag. Made in the Boker tradition of superior workmanship with high quality materials.
Boker SnacPacs
Boker SnacPacs

Innovative products from Boker Arbolito S.A. in Argentina! SnacPac Travel Set tucks into lunch box, backpack or glove compartment for instant meal-time convenience. Unique design is so handy, it's patented!
Boker Accessories
Boker Accessories Including TEK-LOKs

Adapters for carrying knives
The Knife Center is an official Boker Knife dealer. You can shop with us first for all Boker knives and products and depend on us to have new items early.