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These fixed hlade hunting knives employ remarkably lightweight yet highly impact-resistant Zytel® handles with laminated wood inserts for extreme durability and great looks. 440C-type stainless steel, hollow-ground blades hold a lasting edge and sharpen easily. Full-length, full-size tangs make these knives among the strongest available. The model BR 819 Skinner features a guthook and skinning-style blade for big jobs. Each hollow ground blade measures 4" long for an overall length of 8 1/2". All four models come standard with lanyard holes and custom fit Ballistic Cloth® sheaths. Designed by well-known knife designer Michael Collins.

BR-814 Skinner. 8 1/4" overall. 4" upswept skinner blade

BR-815 Drop Point Hunter. 8 1/4" overall. 4" drop point blade

BR-816 Trailing Point Hunter.8 1/4" overall. 4" trailing point blade

BR-819 Guthook Skinner. 8 1/4" overall. 4" skinner blade with guthook

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The most advanced straight serrated blade design ever. The serrated section of the blade lets you effortlessly cut through bone and cartilage without dulling the straight edge of the blade. The premium 440C-type steel used on the blades possesses the best combination of edge-holding toughness and ease-of sharpening. Both sections sharpen readily. The checkering, ribbing and handle contour ensure a comfortable, secure grip. 61/2" and 9" blade models- supplied with a top grain leather sheath.

BR-906 113/4" overall. 6 1/2" partially serrated filet blade

BR-909 14 1/4" overall. 9" partially serrated filet blade.

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