To Special Forces

Peace Keepers

CS-10B Peace Keeper II

with Stainless Steel Blade ( AUS 8A) 9-3/4" overall
Retail 131.99___________Our Price $ 86.00

Peace KeeperII
Wiyth Blade of Carbon V or added strength, polymer handle theat is deep checkered and contoured to resist rolling, twisting or shifting in the hand and has a lanyard hole in the grommet; 9-3/4" overall. Retail $89.95___________Our Price $ 58.50

Peace Keeper I with a Carbon V blade that has been black oxide for rust protection and minimal reflec tion; 12-1/4"overall.
Retail $114.95___________Our Price $ 74.50

Peace Keeper I with a stainless steel blade; 12-1/4"overall.
Retail $161.99 ___________Our Price $ 105.00

Japans Pocket Knife

Kiridashi, The Japanese Utility Knife. Traditionally carried in the sleeve pocket of the Kimono, by both Samurai and peasant alike, the Kiridashi is now used by practically everyone in Japan from children to grown craftsmen. In many ways it is the japanese equivalent of the western pocket knife. And it's used for everything from whittling, carving and paring to every conceivable cutting chore;
5-5/16" overall. ___________Our Price $ 12.00

Rifleman's and Plainsman's Hawk

Rifleman's Hawk is the same construction as the Plainsman's Hawk except for the added weight and power of a hexagonal hammer poll. Great for serious hammer work like pounding nails. The handle is made of American Hickory that is virtually indestructible when used properly; 18-1 /2" overall.
Retail $39.50___________Our Price $ 25.50

Bad Battle Axe

Bad Axe is made of medium carbon steel, over 2mm thick and fully heat treated for strength. but the edges of the Bad Axe has been factory honed to a sharp utility edge that can easily be improved to razor sharpness without much effort. The handle is of premium hard wood finished in clear lacquer; 20" overall.
Retail $31.25___________Our Price $ 19.50

Vietnam Tomahawk


The Vietnam Tomahawk was designed in 1966 to make history in Vietnam. The blade of the "Hawk" offers a wide, upswept primary edge for tremendous cutting, slashing and chopping potential. The secondary edge of the lower side of the head is specially curved and partially sharpened for both a cutting and hooking attack. When combined with the "V" shaped spike on the back of the "hawk" head, the whole thing is wickedly efficient. An absolutely deadly, no-frills combat weapon; 13-1/2" overall.
Retail $55.00___________Our Price $ 35.50

Special Forces Shovel


Special Forces Shovel is modeled after the original Soviet Spetsnaz shovel. The Spetsnaz soldiers were the most elite fighting unit in the Soviet army, the Soviet equivalent of our Green Berets. The Spetsnaz were trained to travel light, so they trimmed their packs down to the bare essentials. Of all the items in their pack, the Spetsnaz were particularly fond of their shovel. it was incredibly versatile, with three sharpened edges and a broad, flat blade; 20" overall.
Retail $19.95___________Our Price $ 13.00


The Culloden, designed by Lynn C. Thompson, commemorates by name, the Scottish nation's last heroic battle at Culloden on April the sixteenth, 1746, and offers today's warrior an alternative to the tradi tional double edged boot knife.

CS-11 SS
Culloden with stainless steel blade; 8-1/2" overall.
Retail $101.99___________Our Price $ 66.00


Culloden with carbon V blade; 8-1/2" overall.
Retail $79.95___________Our Price $ 52.00

The Defender

This is the ultimate double edge push knife. The extra-wide blade is deeply hollow ground and unlike other boot knives is thin enough at the edge to be breathtak ingly sharp. Just the look of this knife is wicked enough to make a potential aggressor think twice!

CS-12 I
Defender I Push Knife with polymer handle; 6" overall.
Retail $125.99___________Our Price $ 82.00

CS-12 II
Defender ll with false upper edge and black polymer handle; 4-3/4" overall.
Retail $101.99___________Our Price $ 66.50

Cold Steel's Famous Tanto Knife

Tanto with polymer handle; 11-3/8" overall.
Retail $238.99___________Our Price $ 155.50


Mini Tanto with black polymer handle and leather sheath; 8-1/4" overall.
Retail $207.99___________Our Price $ 135.00


Master Tanto with black polymer handle and leather sheath; 11-1/2" overall.
Retail $207.99___________Our Price $ 204.00


Black Bear Classic with black micarta scales and leather sheath with Sub-hilt design; 13-1/2"overall.
Retail $219.00 ___________Our Price $ 142.50

CS-13 MB
Magnum Tanto San Mai
with black polymer handle; 13" overall.
Retail $364.99___________Our Price $ 237.00

Recon Tanto
with Carbon V black oxide blade with leather sheath and polymer handle. Retail $89.00___________Our Price $ 58.00

Military Classic
has a solid black linen micarta handle and brown leather sheath; 11-5/8" overall.
Retail $147.00___________Our Price $ 95.50

Trail Master

Trail Master
with carbon V blade; 14-1/2" overall.
Retail $262.00___________Our Price $ 170.00

Stag Trail Master
has Sambar stag which is only found in India; 14-1/2" over all.
Retail $300.00___________Our Price $ 195.00


ER1 Black handle with sheepsfoot serrated blade. The ER1 features a patented sliding lock mechanism that offers an easily accessible blade in a very sage package. When closed, the razor-sharp blade is locked securely inside a tough zytel housing. To open, simply slide the button forward until it snaps into place. Once in the open position, the ER1 has been laboratory certified to withstand a tremendous amount of pressure. The blade is hollow ground like a straight razor and has our exclusive serrations for long lasting cutting power; 3" blade, 4" handle.
Retail $36.99___________Our Price $ 24.00

Bird and Trout Skinner

Bird and Trout plain edge is a modern version of a 100 year old classic. its ultra-slim profile and unique all steel construction are the main reasons for its popularity. This design offers great versatility and freedom of movement and it also reduces the weight to just an ounce! The unique ring in the handle allows the knife to hand from the little finger when not in use and yet remain instantly available. The blade is very versatile. Each one is deeply hol low ground, then honed and buffed to surgical sharpness. it is supplied with a sleek yet sturdy top quality leather sheath with a hard fiber safe ty insert; 6-1/4" overall.

CS-20BT Plain Edge
Retail $26.25___________Our Price $ 17.00

CS-20BTS Serrated Edge Bird and Trout with 50% serrated blade; 6-1/4" overall . Suggested Retail $26.25___________Our Price $ 17.00

Bush Ranger

Bush Ranger
with carbon V blade, black cordura sheath and black polymer handle; 12-1 /2" overall.
Retail $114.95 __________Our Price $ 74.50

Bush Ranger
with stainless steel blade, black cordura sheath and black polymer handle 12-1/2"overall.
Retail $143.99 __________Our Price $ 93.50

Voyager Lockbacks

The Voyager Series is the next generation of Cold Steel ultra-light, ultra strong Lockbacks. These Knives feature precision milled fitted parts with extra stiff springs. This provides a lock that is safer and stronger than most traditional folders. The 400 series stainless blades are extremely wide and ground thin at the edge for a tremendous shearing potential. These knives have a blade thickness of 1/8 inch. Every detail has been designed for performance, from the reinforced pivot pin to the integral clip. The grooved thumb stud is reversible fro left hand usage. The handle offers a superbly comfortable non-slip grip and it houses the blade in a sleek 3.3 ounce package
Voyager lockbacks 5 1/8 inch closed. Black Zytel handle w/lanyard hole has clip and thumb stud. Made in Japan and available in the following styles: As above only 3 7/8 inch closed:

Master Hunter

The first performance oriented hunting knife in decades. This superb knife is made in the USA from Carbon V. Its thick, broad,flat ground blade offers unprecedented strength, cutting ability and edge retention in a compact shape. The razor edge cuts effortlessly and the dropped point simplifies he chore of field dressing and skinning. The spine is 3/16" thick to present a stronger blade, point, and edge for prying and splitting. And the comfortable, well designed grip encourages long use without fatigue.

Master Hunter
Carbon V with black cordura sheath; 9-1/2" overall.
Retail $78.75__________Our Price $ 51.00

Master Hunter
with stainless steel blade; 9-1 /2" overall .
Retail $98.99__________Our Price $ 64.50

The Recon Scout

Recon Scout
has black polymer handle with lanyard hole and black cordura sheath; 12 1/2" overall. Retail $170.50__________Our Price $ 111.00

Ready Edge

Ready Edge offers all the strength of a fixed blade knife in the size of a folder! The 2" spear point blade if 3/4" wide, double hol low ground to a razor-sharp edge and then equipped with aggressive serrations for efficient cutting of a wide range of materials. Has a Black polymer handle; 4-1/2" overall.
Retail $25.99__________Our Price $ 17.00

Mini Pal
is a 2" overall push dagger with a false upper edge so you can have more control over cutting and can add more pressure with your thumb to increase the power of the Mini-Pal. The Mini-Pal has black polymer handle and a specially designed sheath for quick release and can be attached to key rings, zippers, belt loop or lanyard; 2" overall.
Retail $25.99__________Our Price $ 17.00


Hai Hocho is a tremendously versatile blade shape. You will find it's perfect for cooking, camping, fishing, boating, in fact, wherever you need a sharp, handy knife. Also the precision molded sheath is made from tough, Zytel and self draining for use around water. It clips onto the blade with a patented mechanism and the handle is made out of black polymer to ensure that you will always retain your grip when doing strenuous cutting; 6-1/2" overall.
Retail $37.99__________Our Price $ 25.50

Kitchen Knives

CS-45K5 S
Kitchen Knife with a hocho style blade that measures 5" with specially designed serration pattern for the sharpest smoothest cutting you have ever experienced; 9" overall.
Retail $30.99__________Our Price $ 20.00

CS-45K7 S

Kitchen Knife with 7" honcho style blade with Cold Steel's exclusive new ser ration pattern for the sharpest edge you can use in the kitchen; 11" overall.
Retail $37.99__________Our Price $ 24.50