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The World's Finest Shaving Supplies

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Welcome to the Shave Center of the Internet. We hope you enjoy the extensive selection of shaving products all of which are top quality and reasonably priced.
We are the exclusive retailer of "Eagle Brand" straight razors from Thierrs Issard in France and also feature many razors from DOVO of Solingen, Germany. Also listed are selections of shave brushes including "pure badger hair" and travel brushes as well as a great selection of mugs, soaps, after shaves (including genuine " Bay Rum " from the Caribbean). You can order on line or by telephone. We are happy to help with your selection and can be reached Monday through Friday from 8:30AM to 6PM Eastern Time at 800-338-6799 and 301-486-0901

Please follow the links below for expanded listings and ordering information

Straight Razors

Only a few factories produce high quality straight razors and we have the finest here. You can view All Straight Razors or select from the following groups.
Carbon Steel Razors
Stainless Steel Razors
(including white handle razor above)
German Made Razors
French Razors From Thiers-Issard
Thiers-Issard Information Page

Shave Brushes
We have a good selection of shaving brushes ranging from the very economical boar brushes to pure badger hair and all are very reasonably priced
All Shave Brushes
Badger Hair Brushes
Boar Brushes
Wooden Shave Stand

Razor Strops

We offer some very fine quality strops from Germany including some paddle strops (pictured) and also a few from an American company
All Strops
German Strops
American Strops
Strop Paste

Safety Razors and Replacement Blades

After Shave Lotions and Facial Splashes
Some great after shaves including genuine Bay Rum facial splash made in the Caribbean

List Our After Shaves and Splashes

We have a great selection of mugs for every taste
List All Mugs

Several Varieties of Lather-Rich Soap
High quality, quick lathering soaps. These are far superior to any lather from a can
List Shave Soaps

Mustache Wax, Mugs and Supplies

Shaving Sets Thierrs-Issard Information Page