KnifeCenter Favorites

Here are some of our favorite items.

If you have your own favorites- let me know HERE.

Large Fixed Blade Knives


The Buck Intrepids are great fixed blades. The simple and utilitarian design with removable handle slabs make this a great new tool. They are available in 2 sizes with either blunt nose or tanto type shaped blades. The feel is great and we think that these deserve top honors of any new offering we have seen.

Schrade Extreme Survival is a truly great knife at a reasonable price.

The overall quality of machining and materials goes to Chris Reeve fixed blades


The Bear MGC Large Bowie is an incredible piece of steel, brass and wood. This is most of the way to a machete in size and has all the integrity of any Bowie knife out there. This is a real Value.

Fixed Blades:

1st Place Al Mar Utility Tanken

Also favorite is the Kershaw Sheath Hunting Knives with the contoured, dark handle between the beautiful brass bulbous bolsters. These are gorgeous knives and superbly finished.

Buck does a great job with their Cocobolo-wood Fixed blades. The orange colored wood against the yellow brass bolsters is very attractive and the Buck quality is always good.


First place goes to the "Mercedes" of multi-tools, the new Victorinox SwissTool. This one opens and locks and closes with the high degree of engineering excellence that one expects from the Swiss. We love our American tools, but this one simply out classes the entire field of competition. It does not offer a drive for removable 1/4" bits, however.

The largest and, seemingly, the toughest of the bunch is the new SOG PowerLock. It is worthg a look especially if you depend on these tools. The WAVE from Leatherman is a close runner up with some great features, especially the ability to use the knife blade easily without having to dig for it.

After that, If we have to choose one - it's the Multi-Master especially if 1/4" socket adaptability is important. It is the toughest and best performing of the lot, although not as slick to look at. Also, the great new Schrade "Tough Tool" has more tools and great design to make it a winner. But, they all have their strong points. The Bucktool is the "lightweight" winner, especially if you want one with a pocket clip, although Leatherman now offers the "Side Clip" which performs as well. If you want a needlenose pliers in the standard Leatherman type tool, get the Bear Jaws from Bear MGC. It's more comfortable, and well designed than the others. The Kershaw offers a locking vise grip and this may be what you want.

Full size, general purpose folders -plastic handles:

#1 The Cold Steel The "El Hombre" 4" version of the Vaquero knife with a clip.

#2 Spyderco Endura

Full size, general purpose folders -Non-Plastic handles:

#1 The Tim Wegner Design from Spyderco- A great knife! Hardy and useful.

#2 Boker 2000

Great design and feel

Folding Tactical Knife

#1 The Micro Technology SOCOM
is the highest quality liner-locking knife we sell. Solid feel and perfect action sets this one right out in front.

#2 Boker Walter Brend Design in G-10 and with Coco Bolo wood handles.

#3 SPYDERCO - The Military Series

#4 The Wegner from Spyderco- the Small one is a great personal carrying knife

#5 The Howard Veile from Spyderco


The HALO- is there really any other?

2 The automatic from Mel Pardue and Benchmade is the most desirable one we have seen. It is small, light, fast and an elegant gentleman's automatic all the way. The flat design makes it perfect for covert action as well. If you qualify, pick one of these up.

Third, are the dual action SOCOMs from Micro Technology

Small, Plastic handled, one hand openers:

1st Place:

Cold Steel Voyagers. Of all of the many, these are our favorites. They seem stronger, they open faster and the steel is as good as all the others. There are a lot of designs that we sell and we do not sell any that are not good knives. However, there will always be some that are better than the others and the Voyagers are it. These come in several sizes and blade styles and really fill anyone's need for this type of everyday workhorse of a knife. Soon, they will be available in partially serrated blades as well as the plain and fully serrated that is now in stock here at the KnifeCenter.

Our knife fighting advisor, Dr. Hsu of Taiwan, can draw his 4" voyager from his back pocket and strike an opponent in under 1 second! It does take some practice, however.

2nd Place
Gerber EZ-Out and these are now available in ATS 34 Steel

Remember, these are fairly subjective ratings and your opinion could be very different, so please also look at Benchmade's Eclipse, Spyderco Michael Walker design lightweight Locking Liner and the Spyderco Enduras and Delicas , the Berettas, Buck Crosslocks , and Proteges, the Gerber Gators,

Also, the Super inexpensive and good quality Columbia River small folders.

Kitchen Cutlery

We have to put in a good word for the great Japanese kitchen knives from Cold Steel which are super serrated and super sharp. We have some here.

The Martin Yan series is really great and using them is said to actually improve your cooking!


These are the finest Solingen Steel kitchen cutlery available and are reasonably priced. The selection is superb as is the availability. We recommend these over the Henckels or Wusthoff.

Forschner- Victorinox (Swiss Army Brand)

For everyday use, these thin bladed knives stay sharp longer, cut easier and are sturdier than most knives you can get and are a super good deal.


The Viking Sword and the Shinto Katana are relatively new offerings and are exquisitely made in China. They are a really great value and perfectly crafted.

Hunting Knife

The Knives of Alaska Brown Bear Skinner-these are as fine a tool as you will find.

Key Ring Knife:

The new Swiss-tech has to be added here. It's truly a winner


This is just an excellent little knife- made in the USA with a bead blasted matte finish on the stainless steel blade. It is super light and small- just what you want on your key ring, and holds its edge really well. For a great price- just add one on your next order.

Elegant and Classy Pocket Knives:

1st Place:Boker- BO-KL030 Carbon Fiber Handles and Black Blade

This is pure class in a pocket knife- super thin and light, chatoyant (like tiger eye) carbon fiber handles and an action that is just a "flick" away from open, this is a quality item.

2nd Place:

Spyderco SOLO 001PS -These are great little knives of elegant design with black micarta handles and no clip. We also have the Black Zytel handled models which are VERY reasonable. Check these out!

3rd Place:

Benchmade Mel Pardue -always a favorite with matchless design

More of these through time-so check back!

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