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Junglee® Knives
Hunting and Skinning Knives

Outdoorsman have always known that sometimes you depend on your equipment for your life or your next meal. Built to do tough chores well, these tools all are made of AUS-8 Stainless Steel and have durable textured rubber handles for dependable grip in any situation. Each includes a leather sheath.
Alaskan Hook Cleaver™
5-7/8" AUS-8 Blade and 10-1/2" Overall
Weight 15.4 Ounces

Alaskan Hook Cleaver™
The Alaskan Hook Cleaver™ blends the crescent sweep of the Ulu with a broad gutting hook for fast and efficient field dressing and a perfectly balanced razor edge for slicing and chopping. Features a special finger ring and finger serrations for maximum control when handling delicate skinning chores. Leather sheath included.

Baby Hook Cleaver™
4" AUS-8 Blade and 8-1/4" Overall
Weight 10 Ounces

Baby Hook Cleaver™
The Baby Hook Cleaver™ draws much of its innovative design from the traditional Inuit Ulu and the rest from state-of-the-art technology. The Baby Hook Cleaver™ delivers the soft, secure feel of textured rubber grips and the added control of a built-in finger hole and serrations. Leather sheath included.

Born Free™ Hunter
3-3/8" AUS-8 Blade and 8-7/8" Overall
Weight 7 Ounces

Born Free™ Hunter
Junglee™ pairs high carbon AUS-8 stainless steel and soft polymer rubber to create an exclusive hunter design that's sure to satisfy the most discriminating outdoorsman. Includes a top grain leather sheath.

Panda™ Skinning Axe
4-1/2" AUS-8 Blade and 15" Overall
Weight 23 Ounces

Panda™ Skinning Axe
The Panda™ Skinning Axe features a broad gutting hook and a finger-contoured shaft that can be easily handled at full length or held close to the blade for more delicate work. Measuring 15" overall, with a sweeping Ulu-style blade, the AUS-8 modified stainless steel Panda™ features soft textured rubber grips and a full-tang construction for top comfort and durability. Ideal for hiking, hunting and camping. Leather sheath included.

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