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Flashlights from the Knife Center:
Everyone should have a flashlight. If you do not need them in your day-to-day activities, you should at least keep an emergency light for if the electricity goes out. From key ring lights to headlamps, LED lights to traditional bulbs, you will find the flashlight to fit your need here.
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Flashlight Types:
Flashlights by Battery
Flashlight Brands
General Flashlights
General Flashlights
Flashlights with traditional bulbs, designed for every day use. These are also great for keeping in your car and garage for emergencies.
LED Flashlights
LED Flashlights
Because the LED bulb almost never needs replacing and the battery life is much longer than those of more traditional lights, LED flashlights have become the standard in many areas.
Tactical Flashlights
These flashlights are built extra tough, so that they can handle use in combat. This makes them great for civilian use as well. We also carry LED Tactical Flashlights.
Key Ring Flashlights
Key Ring Flashlights
These flashlights are miniaturized to fit comfortably on your keychain. You never know when you will need a flashlight, so never go anywhere without one. Try the Photon LED Lights!
Headlamp Flashlights
A hands free head mounted flashlight. For when you need both hands, and a light. Most of these are LED lamps. We also carry Hat Clip Brim Lights, which clip onto any duckbill hat.
Camping Lanterns
Camping Lanterns
These are electrical and gas powered lanterns, some of which can also be converted into large flashlights.
Flashlight Parts and Accessories
Replacement Parts and Accessories
From replacement lenses, bulbs, and parts, to accessories which make your flashlight more useable, we have what you need.
Lithium High Power Batteries
Lithium Batteries
Our more powerful flashlights require these lithium batteries for full functionality, and any flashlight would benefit from the use of lithium batteries.