What makes a great knife a great knife?

For the professional chef, knives are very personal tools.The most critical issues are comfort, ease of care, ability to hold an edge and wide variety of styles The ideal knife should have a thick blade to withstand abuse, and a thin edge that can be honed to razor sharpness A chef buying a fine knife looks for these features high-carbon stainless steel, a thick blade for durability, but a thin cutting edge for easy sharpening, well-balanced knife blade and handle are proportion to each other And a comfortable well constructed handle.

All blades are not created equal. The blade is the most important part of the knife. Better knives are forged, a process in which steel is heated to an extremely high temperature, set in a die and hammered into the shape of the basic blade Following a process of heating and cooling, the forged blade is ground to create a full taper to cutting edge This results in a thick blade that flares smoothly at the heel of the blade to blend into the shape of the handle

High-carbon stainless steel is the material of choice for most of today's high quality knives Small amounts of molybdenum and vanadium added to the iron, carbon and chromium increase its ability to hold an edge, resist rust and to recover from bending without breaking and, they are sharper.

The handle is the second most important feature of the knife The shape, material and method of attachment to the blade and all affect the comfort and durability of a knifes handles Mundial handles are always made from hardwood or polypropylene. The handle should provide a secure grip, even when wet and its weight should be in proportion to the weight of the blade so it doesn't slip when cutting or chopping.

How greatness takes shape. Mundial is the only completely self-sufficient cutlery manufacturer. The production of a single forged knife requires as many as 125 individual steps. From initial blanking to finishing touches like honing and sharpening, many production steps are still performed by dedicated and skilled cutlery artisans in the time honored cutlery tradition. Mundial's fully vertically integrated process incorporates efficiency and high standards to deliver uncompromising quality.