Since ancient times, men have cherished fine knives. Mexican-lndian cultures such as the Yaki and the Huichol have long considered their knives their most important tool and a symbol of pride . Based on this same belief, Nahuarra has designed the N-1000 Series, a high quality hunting and fishing knife, as well as an elegant collector's item. The
N-1000 Series features a stainless steel blade equipped with a serrated edge for cleaning fish or skinning prey. Also included on the blade are a line cutter and a bottle opener. The handle is made of tampiziran, a rich, dark tropical wood found on the west coast of Mexico. This handle duplicates the look and feel of ancient knifemaking.
Completing the package is a fine leather sheath made by Mexican craftsmen that features a snap closure to secure the knife. The N-1000 Series is available in three different sizes to fit the needs and preferences of our clients, but all with one common characteristic: the highest quality available for the true knife connoiseur.

The Following Specifications Are Arranged as Follows For the Three Models:
1008 - 1006 - 1004

Blade length

8" / 205mm. - 6" /155mm. - 4" /105mm.

Blade Thickness:

7/32"/ 6mm. - 3/16" / 5mm. - 5/32" / 4mm.

Blade Steel:

Inox 416


13 3/8" / 340mm. - 11" / 280mm. - 8 5/8" / 220mm

Handles :

Tampiziran wood





Yourknife is first and foremost a tool. Treated with care before, during and after use, it will serve you well.


Nahuarra introduces the K-1000 Katana, a handmade sword created for the connoiseur of ancient Japanese weapons and excellent for practicing martial arts or as a beautiful display object.
Made of polished steel and following the strictest forging procedures ( followed up by a careful quality control process ), the K-1000 comes in either straight or curved blades.
The handle and scabbard are made of tampiziran, an exotic wood found on the west coast of Mexico.

The wooden display base is of mahogany with positions to hold two Katanas with or without their scabbards
The K-1000, the ultimate in perfection, brings you the glory of the Classic Shogun period of Japan at an affordable price.

Delivery of these fine swords may take several weeks. The KnifeCenter thinks you will agree that they will be well worth the wait.

K - 1 OOON K - 1 OOOS

Blade length: 26" / 660mm. 29 1/8" / 740mm.
Blade Thickness: 1/4"/6mm. 1/4"/6mm.
Blade Steel: High Carbon High Carbon
O.A.L. 36-5/8"1930mm. 40-1/8" / 1020mm.
Handle Tampiziran wood Tampiziran wood
Guard: Brass Brass
Scabbard: Tampiziran wood Tampiziran wood

Your sword is designed for sport purposes or as a display object. Treated properly, it will become a heirloom for generations to come.