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OEIM10B Plain Edge

OEIM10BS Serrated Edge

Introduction: The Impulse,
designed by custom knifemaker Darrel Ralph combines the ultimate of form and function in a modem cutting tool for today's urban and outdoor lifestyles. Precision die cost aluminum handles are fully contoured for maximum comfort and feature Trimond textured Polymer innerframes for extra security and grip control. The blade incorporates three geometric slots to minimize weight, improve balance and allow for easy one hand opening. The Impulse features a positive Liner Lock and clothing clip for sheath-free carry. The clip sets flush with the handle in a recessed pocket. This innovative new clip attachment provides the feel and comfort of a clipless knife. Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel blades are precisely heat treated and hand finished to a razor's edge for superior edge retention and performance. The Impulse is available with both plain and serrated cutting edges. Two style options include matte bead-blast finish (soon) and black Teflon coating (pictured above).

IMPULSE Specifications
Blade Length: 3-3/4 inches, 9.5cm
Overall Length: 8- 1 /2 inches, 21.6cm
Total Weight: 4-3/8 ounces, 123 grams
Steel: Sandvik 12C27 Stainless
Handle material: Die cost aluminum
Innerframe material: Rubberized Polymer

About the Designer
Darrel Ralph is a full time custom knifemaker and member of the Knifemakers Guild. Darrel's unique style combines design elements from nature with modern technology. His technical background includes over 25 years experience manufacturing precision small parts for several Fortune 500 companies. His portfolio includes expertise in applications engineering, metallurgical science, CAD-CAM programming, CNC manufacturing and an extensive art study background. Darrel also teaches knifemaking courses at Montgomery College and The Bill Moran ABS Bladesmith School.

One hand Opening
Both the center and rear blade slots allow for one hand opening. To open the Impulse, palm the handle, insert your thumb in either slot and push upward. With a little practice the one hand opening technique will become smooth and natural.

Liner Lock
The Liner Lock is a safe, reliable and convenient lock mechanism which engages securely on opening. The lock is disengaged by pressing the thumb against the bottom of the liner and pushing towards the outside handle scale while closing the blade at the same time.

To create a more secure lockup, we have added a hardened coating to the back of the blade at the lock engagement. When disengaging the lock this coating may cause the liner to stick slightly. This Is not a defect. The lock sticking has been designed intentionally to prevent the lock from disengaging accidentally. Note that the harder you open the blade, the more the lock may stick. We also recommend not to flick the knife open with the wrist. This opening method generates impact forces on the blade and lock area and is abusive to the lock mechanism. This may also cause the lock to stick harder and be difficult to disengage.

Pivot Adjustment
The Impulse has an adjustable Hex-head blade pivot screw to allow the user to loosen or tighten blade pivot tension. Each impulse has been hand tuned for smooth opening action with minimum or no side blade play. Check side play by opening the knife, gripping on top of the blade and moving the blade from side to side. With use, side to side play may increase or opening action can become too loose. This can be easily adjusted by tightening the Hex-head pivot screw. Using the proper size Allen wrench, tighten the pivot until It stops. Then back off by loosening the pivot slightly until opening action is smooth and side play is eliminated.

Knife Care and Disassemby
The Impulse has been designed so that It should not be taken apart. Note that disassembling the Impulse will void your warranty. The fastener screws have been hidden under the rubberized Polymer innerframe to prevent disassembly. Some users prefer to disassemble their knives for clearing however this is not necessary. To clean the Impulse wash with warm water and liquid dish soap. Do not use steel wool or a scouring pad since this will scratch the blade finish and handle coating. Work the soap into the pivot area. Then rinse and dry completely. A Q-Tip or toothpick is also effective for clearing dirt and lint from inside the knife. Once the knife is completely dry, add a drop or two of light oil inside the pivot area. Any repair work that requires the knife be disassembled should be performed by Outdoor Edge.

Black Teflon Coating
The black Teflon coating offers added protection against oxidation. This coating is durable but not scratch proof. With use the blade and handle coating may become scratched. This is unavoidable and is not covered by warranty.

With use, all knives require sharpening regardless of the blade steel. The recurved blade shape can not be sharpened effectively on a flat stone. Instead we recommend sharpening on a crock stick type sharpener or clamp-on sharpening devise. The recommended sharpening angle is 10 degrees per side. Several companies that produce these type of sharpeners include Spyderco, Gatco, Lansky, Eze-Lap and Smith's. Sharpening a serrated edge does require a serrated edge sharpening devise. The #1 sharpener we recommend for serrated edges is the Spyderco Tri-Angle. The other companies listed also produce quality made serrated edge sharpeners.

Outdoor Edge offers a free factory sharpening service for plain edge blades only. Note that we are unable to sharpen serrated edges at our facility. Send your knife to our offices in Boulder with a check or money order for $5.00 to cover return shipping charges. Also be sure to Include your return shipping address (No PO Boxes please). We will return your knife with a factory sharp edge within two weeks.

Outdoor Edge Co
6395 Gunpark Dr Unit Q
Boulder, CO 80301
800 447 3343

OEIM10B Plain Edge

OEIM10BS Serrated Edge


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