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Damascus Steel BOKER Knives

From Solingen, Germany.
We have a great selection of the some of the finest Damascus Steel knives in the world

Knife Sets
Great sets from various manufacturers. Some include wooden blocks and some are smaller gift sets.

Scout Knives
Classics for the Scout on your gift list. We have over a dozen models IN STOCK and ready to ship to you.

We now have a series of pages dedicated to the SHOT show news. See them HERE

Fallkniven has released some great kitchen knives. These are the only kitchen knives we have seen in VG-10 high quality stainless steel.

We have some new Browning models- the Presentation lockbacks with mirror polished blades and the High Tech liner locking Piranhas. These have blades that are made of both titanium -for the spine, and ATS-34 for the cutting edge.

Camillus has delivered their new low cost Neck knives called the ARC-LITE

The exquisite Microtech Lightfoot with Damascus Steel blades are available for a limited time

Gerber Air Frames may be in stock, but they are already discontinued. Apparently, Gerber has been unable to produce them economically. Grab one quickly if you want one.

Ka-Bar just released their new IMPACT series.  There are three blade designs and one offered in D2 & Micarta with a slightly larger handle.  Also new for 2001 their Korean War 50th Anniversary Commemorative, and a Short Ka-Bars Series with a Tanto and Recurve blade offers and two different sheath offers as well .  

The Ka-Bar IMPACT Series and Short Bar Series are finally what people with small to medium hands have been looking for.  If you've been looking for a tactical value knife that doesn't come in "RAMBO" size only, this is it.  These series combines all the tactical features and modern materials in a smaller non-intimidating usable size.  

On the IMPACT SERIES the forefinger grove, guard and thumb notches make a nice grip combination for precise control and balance.  1095 Steel is used for rugged use yet easy maintenance all blades are double hollow ground for the sharpest edge.  The Zytel handles are held in place on this full tang blade by 2 hex-screws, which allows easy take down if needed.  The lanyard slot (not hole) is a nice feature which would accept straps, not just cord. The ballistic nylon eagle sheaths has a firm yet flexible insert that allows for a silent draw is not fully molded as to prevent the blade from being inserted for a left handed draw.  Other nice features of the sheath includes cord for tie down, drainage hole and a Velcro lined belt loop with snap that allows for removal of the sheath without undoing belt, and accommodating narrower belts.  The D2(hammer/tool steel) model is a lager version of the Spear point, with sculptured black  micarta handles, which fits a medium to large hand well.

The Short Bar Series incorporate all the quality features of their larger sizes, just  more compact sizing.








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