Smith's Sharpeners
All-Blade Power Hone
Battery Powered Sharpener

The Smith's All-Blade PowerHone features innovative technology that allows you to sharpen all types of knives including serrated. The specially shaped ceramic stones moving in a unique motion makes it possible for you to sharpen any type of knife blade in just seconds. Built in angle guides take the guesswork out of sharpening. The PowerHone is compact, lightweight and no cords makes the unit totally portable. The unit runs on 4 C Cell batteries, which will give you many hours of quality sharpening time.

Stone Selection: Holding the ribbed end, slide the stone cover lid to the stone you wish to use. Stone Identification labels are on the top of the lid. The PowerHone comes with two specially shaped ceramic stones. Use the coarse stone to set your edge, and the fine stone to put the final edge on your knife. No oil or water is needed on the stones. Always use them dry.

Perfect Angle Every Time: Built in angle guides allow you to obtain the same angle on ever stroke. This takes the guesswork out of sharpening. Just rest the blade of your knife on the guide and then pull it across the stone with light pressure.

Innovative Technology: The PowerHone features specially shaped triangular stones that move in a unique motion. This combination allows you to sharpen flat edges as well as serrated edges, all with a simple stroke. The PowerHone is designed to follow the shape of your blade so you can get that smooth, even edge on all your knives including serrated.

Power to Spare: The PowerHone runs on 4 C cell batteries that fit securely into the bottom of the base. It is totally portable and no electrical plug in is required. You can take it to the field or put it on your counter, either way it works great. Also, the unit has an adapter slot so it can run off a 12 Volt system like your car, boat or truck. Adapter is sold separately.

Safe and Easy to Use: The on and off switch is built into the top of the Sure-Grip handle so it is easy to turn the unit on and off with your thumb. This allows you to keep your hands safely away from the cutting edge of your knife at all times. The PowerHone has non-slip rubber feet on the bottom of its base, which keeps it from moving during the sharpening process. The PowerHone works great anywhere.

Stone Maintenance: To clean your stones remove the lid from the base. Loosen the set screw and remove the stones. Clean the stones with a nylon brush in warm soapy. Also, the specially shaped stones can be rotated when the sharpening surface gets worn, which triples the stone life. CAUTION: Do not clean the stones while they are attached to the unit, or damage to the motor may occur.

(KnifeCenter disclaimer: Power sharpeners are capable of damaging blades if not used properly. The buyer assumes all risks in using power sharpeners. The KnifeCenter of the Internet assumes no responsibility for damage to blades or in the efficiency of the sharpener. Issues regarding proper use and damages should be taken to the manufacturer.)
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