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Nite Ize Pock-Its Utility Holster
A Great all-in-one belt pouch

The KnifeCenter Guarantees that the following items are free from defects in materials and workmanship but cannot guarantee that they will fit particular knives

Leather Belt Pouches. 1st Quality. Embossed basketweave design.

Available in these sizes and colors:
SH-200 Fits 3" to 3 1 /2" knife. Black Basketweave Leather.-------- $4.00
SH-201 Fits 3 1 /2" to 4" knife. Black Basketweave Leather.---------- $4.50
SH-202 Fits 4 1 /2" to 5 1 /4" knife. Black Basketweave Leather.--------- $5.00
SH-203 Fits 3" to 3 1/2" knife. Natural Color Basketweave Leather.- $4.00
SH-204 Fits 3 1/2" to 4~ knife. Natural Color Basketweave Leather.-- $4.50
SH-205 Fits 4 1 /2" to 5 1 /4" knife. Natural Color Basketweave Leather.-- $5.00
SH-212 Boot Knife Sheath. Black Basketweave Leather. Metal Boot Clip. Fits up to 5" blade.------------ $5.00

Black Ballistic Cordura Folding Knife Sheaths.1 st Quality.

Available in the following sizes:

SH-236 Fits 3" closed Folder. $3.00
SH-237 Flts 4" closed Folder. $3.50
SH-238 Fits 5 " closed Folder. $4.00

M-194 "Knife Slip Pouch " Assorted color felt construction. 4 1/2" long x 2" wide. Perfect for protecting pocket knives $2.00

Zip Up Knife Cases

(A picture of these Zip-Up cases is linked here)

Same quality construction as the Zip-Up Pistol Cases except sized to fit knives. Excellent for storage of special knives you want to protect. Blue Vinyl with Red Fleece lining. Nylon Zipper. Sizes are measured through the middle at the Zipper Tab. Available in the following sizes:
ZP-8 7"----------------------------$7.99
ZP-9 11-1 /2" -------------$9.99
ZP-10 13-1 /2"----- $9.99
ZP-11 17"--------------------$9.99 -NOT AVAILABLE

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