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These Specials Will Last Just 1 Week or until We Run Out Of The Item

Considered by many to be the finest on the market, this tool has the best fit and finish we have seen. Each tool opens individually and the lock release is very simple and easy to use. The steel is the typical Swiss Army quality and so will almost never rust or corrode. We are offering these at a great price for this mailing. Regular Price $65.95
E-Mail Price $44.95 
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Columbia River Tanto Military Model

The full size M-16 folder designed by custom knife maker Kit Carson. This is the best selling model bought extensively by law enforcement and this is the "Military" issue style with a blackened blade and green handle.
Regular Price $62.95
E-Mail Price $54.95 
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Microtechs are the finest tactical production knives we sell with aluminum handles and 154-CM high quality stainless steel blades. This model has a hook blade and very fast liner locking action.
Regular Price $219.95
E-Mail Price $169.95 
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There's a lot of great news in the knife industry this time of year with many companies introducing new models. We have a regular NEWS page devoted to the SHOT (Shooting Hunting and Outdoot Trade) show for you to visit HERE

In the world of Tactical Folding Knives, the first blade we have seen on a production knife with two different metals combined laterally in a blade is available from Browning. The High Tech liner locking Piranhas. These have blades that are made of both titanium -for the spine, and ATS-34 for the cutting edge. Besides this novel idea of combining the metals, they are also nicely made and have a great action. Handles are G-10 and the liner lock-up is secure. We highly recommend this line.

Gerber has pulled the plug on their new Air Frames folder. (we may still have some in stock!) It is a wonderful tactical folder with a great feel, but the production of the titanium handle has proved to be too costly and they will wait until they find a method of producing the knife that is cost effective before re-releasing it.

In the world of kitchen knives, everyone seems to love ceramic kitchen knives! The Kyocera and Boker ceramic kitchen knives were a big hit during the holidays and sales are solid throughout the year on these high quality products. The blades for the Boker knives are also made by Kyocera, but the Boker models have a more modern handle design. You can expect a ceramic knife to keep a sharp edge for months or years. We have seen one cut a tomato neatly after the knife was in use for over two years.

The big news in the Multi-tool world is Leatherman's new JUICE. High fashion and perefect engineering combine to form a useful tool that fits easily in your pocket or purse. Six models each with high fashion color and



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