Camping and Survival Tools Camping and Survival Tools
Camping and Survival Tools at the Knife Center:
We love the outdoors, and we offer some of the best products for camping. We offer the best Brunton compasses and stoves, ProForce backpacks and sleeping bags, dozens of firestarters and saws and, of course, the world's greatest selection of camping and survival knives.
Camping and Survival Tools:
Discount Fixed Blade Camping and Survival Knife Series
Fixed Blade Knives
We carry a wide variety of fixed blade knives which are designed for camping and survival. From machetes for clearing brush to the multi-talented survival knives, we've got what you need.
Survival Multitools
Survival Multitools
We carry a wide variety of multitools, and these are the ones which we think are best suited for camping and survival.
Camping and Survival Saws
Camping Saws
These saws are great for camping sawing duties. When you need to cut firewood or clear debry, these saws do the trick. We also carry a variety of survival models..
Camping and Survival Hatchets and Axes
Hatchets and Axes
From splitting wood to chopping down trees to hammering in and removing stakes, these axes and hatchets get the job done. We selected these from our long list of axes
Camping and Survival Shovels
Camping and Survival Shovels
Shovels come in handy when camping. Whether digging a fire pit or a latrine, it is always good to have one on hand.
Camping and Survival Rescue Tools and Knives
Rescue Tools and Knives
We offer a large variety of both folding knives and fixed blades. We also carry the Life Hammer brand rescue tools.
Discount Camping and Survival Compasses
We carry the top quality Brunton models of compasses, as well as economical solutions.
Camping and Survival Fire Starters
Fire Starters
Fires keep away animals and light your campsite, and are necessary for cooking food. From matches to flint and steel fire starting kits, we've got what you need.
Camping and Survival Stoves
Camping Stoves
Campfires are great for cooking, but these camping stoves make it that much easier.
Discount Camping Lanterns
Camping Lanterns
We have both battery and gas powered lanterns, to push away the darkness.
Inexpensive Tactical Flashlights
Tactical Flashlights
Perfect for camping and survival applications. See our full flashlight selection. We also carry the powerful lithium batteries which many of our flashlights require.
Fisher Space Pens
Fisher Space Pens
The Fisher Space Pens were designed to work in the harshest environments. They work when wet and in extreme temperatures, so they are perfect for your camping trip or survival exercise.
Emergency Kits and Tools:
Discount Camping and Survival First Aid Kits
Camping and Survival First Aid
We offer a variety of first aid. From house emergency kits and big car kits to compact individual sizes, we have the kit for the occasion.
Camping Survival Kits
Camping Survival Kits
A variety of kits designed to help you survive in the wild. We also carry a variety of Survival Books
Water Tight Survival Capsules
Survival Capsules
Water tight capsules that will survive any situation, these are packed with what you would need to survive in an emergency situation.
SteriPen Camping and Survival Water Purifiers
SteriPen Camping and Survival Water Purifiers
These SteriPen water purifiers use UV light to purify water safely and quickly.
Camping and Survival Solar Charging Stations
Solar Portable Charging Units
Just because you are out in the wild doesn't mean you have to be without your electronics. And, more importantly, you can keep these on backup to charge your cell phone during emergencies.
Camping and Survival Security Whistle
Security Whistles
When you're in space, no one can hear you scream. But that's not a problem here on Earth. These whistles will make sure that you are heard if you lose your way.
Camping and Survival Gear:
Camping and Survival Sleeping Bags
Sleeping Bags
We carry an assortment of sleeping bags for all kinds of weather. This includes the ProForce sleeping bags, high tech sleeping bags designed to keep you warm and snug in the harshest of conditions.
Multimat Camping and Survival Mattress Pillow
Multimat™ Products
These sleeping mats and pillows from Multimat™ are technically advanced, lightweight and compact - the ultimate in weight reduction.
Tactical Nylon Gear Bags Backpacks
Tactical Nylon Gear
We offer a great listing of nylon combat gear. Includes many backpacks, to carry all of your camping and survival gear.
Camping and Survival Hydration Packs
Hydration Packs
Hydration packs allow you to more efficiently carry more water by putting it in a large bladder on your back. This gives you better balance compared to a canteen on your belt, because it is spread across your back.
Camping and Survival Safety and Tactical Clothes
Survival Clothes
These are clothes that are designed to hold more gear, or to better protect your body in the wild. Strike vests, emergency blankets, suspenders, shemaghs, Bivvy Sacks, and more.
Camping and Survival Combat Boots
Combat Boots
We carry a selection of combat boots which are perfect for outdoor situations.