Woodsman's Pal from the Knife Center

Woodsman's Pal from the Knife Center

The KnifeCenter Presents
The Original : Woodman's Pal

The Woodman's Pal

1) The specially annealed high carbon steel blade (hardened to approx. Rockwell C47) will not crack or chip even in sub-zero temperatures.

2) The concave axe blade is convex ground for extreme strength and offers superior edge holding capabilities. The blade will cut wood up to 1 1/2" in diameter with a single stroke.

3) The chisel sharp sickle hook slices through stubborn vines and briers, and removes unwanted sprout growth at ground level.

4) The line of balance runs precisely from the grip through the sickle edge creating a natural momentum for efficient, accurate, and comfort

5) The black oxide coating prevents rust and corrosion.

6) The safety toe extending one inch up the axe side of the tool reduces the risk of deflective injuries.


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