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A Primer to Getting Started

By: Dexter Ewing, Noted Author

The knife is man's oldest tool. Tools that were the very instruments early man (hunter/gatherer) used to keep himself fed. The knives available back then were truly "hand made" ones. Early man fashioned his knife out of thin pieces of stone. Boy, early man had it very easy when it came to new knives - he did not have to worry about what type of handle material it was going to have, blade shape, and you can surely forget about serrations! Throughout the centuries, the knife has constantly served man faithfully in the wilderness and in battle. Back in the hunter/gatherer days, those who owned knives treasured them for their usefulness. Today, that attitude has not changed one bit. Even those who have not set foot deep into the wilderness are toting edged tools. Knives are very handy in our daily work routines and are just plain fun to collect.

Being a knife collector is like being a part of a fraternity. What does it take to become a of this fraternity? Don't worry, there is no hazing involved (whew!). All one has to do is have a love for knives. If you have that love, then you would be interested in sharing it with others of your type. This love of knives is what binds knife people together. Take note of how knife lovers will interact at shows, on the rec.knives discussion group. Free-flowing discussions center around anything and everything that has to do with knives - what the hottest brands/models are, who is the next biggest custom maker, advice to pass along about making knives, knife trends, and other related knife subjects. The purpose of this article is to introduce the world of knife collecting to those who are interested in beginning this exciting hobby.

The knife industry today is teeming with an impressive array of knife styles. There are pocket knives, combat knives, folders, fixed blades, antiques, custom made knives, investment grade knives, and so on. The best thing to do is to follow your interest. What style catches your eye? Do not worry about keeping up with the latest trend in the industry, just follow your heart. If you like a knife because of the way it looks or the blade pattern, or whatever draws you to the piece, go ahead and buy it. Prices are also a main concern in knife collecting. One can get a good discount by going through Internet based mail order operations such as the KnifeCenter of the Internet, since they usually do not have a physical retail space to operate out of. Manufacturers are also sensitive to the pricing issue. Which is why they release knives in just about every price range. Even with the lower priced knives, the manufacturers want them to be rugged, and to serve the satisfied owner for years to come.

Before I begin this section, I would like to say that the KnifeCenter of the Internet does not endorse the recommendations made. They are just one person's opinion!

* CASE - great pocket knives, with class. A variety of patterns and a variety of attractive handle materials. Case has been a long-favorite for those who collect multi-blade folding knives.
* SCHRADE - For the money, they are good knives. Knives that can be carried on a daily basis and are relatively inexpensive.
* VICTORINOX or WENGER - The only two brands of the fabled Swiss Army Knife. For multi-blade folders that have a wide variety of tools, it is awfully hard to beat a model from either of these brands.
* SPYDERCO - For daily carry lockblade folders, Spyderco is tops in this category. Their knives feature the blade opening hole and pocket clip (after all, they were the ones who pioneered these features!), thus are easy to open and carry. They have knives in all sizes and shapes, so it will be easy to find a Spyderco to suit your requirements.
* BENCHMADE - High quality tactical folders spoken here! Benchmade is "on the cutting edge" in producing some of the most desired folders. Their collaborations with various noted custom knifemakers have resulted in knives that push the envelope in design and performance.
* COLD STEEL - This California company has a great mix of folders and fixed blades, all designed for serious use. These knives are great for people who do a lot of work, hunt, camp, or any other outdoors activity that may require an edge.

* BOKER - Fine cutlery craftsmanship coming at you from Solingen, Germany. Boker has long been associated with finely crafted pocketknives, fixed blades, and folding hunters. Boker is making use of a wide array of materials for handles, perhaps the broadest range. Handle materials include: bone, various hardwoods, stag, titanium, aluminum, buffalo horn, and mother of pearl. Experience fine German craftsmanship when you own a Boker knife.


I sincerely hope that this article has been of use in getting you started in the world of knives. Though this may be the end of this article, it will be the beginning of a whole new experience for you. An experience that we all share - collecting knives. Pretty soon, you may become an "edge-y" person!


Dexter Ewing

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