We at the KnifeCenter would like to take this opportunity to say
Thank You
to all of our new shoppers and browsers who chose to spend some of their time at the KnifeCenter this year. It is an honor to be able to help you in your search for great products and great deals. We hope our efforts have served to educate and entertain; for that is our intention. We hear all the time that you enjoy the KnifeCenter and want you to know that we enjoy this end of it at least as much.We are all pioneers.
OUR MESSAGE HOLIDAY SEASON 1996:This is a new world of commerce which really only started growing in 1996. 1997 will be filled with even more incredible change and the KnifeCenter is intent on growing and changing right along with it. We hope we can convince you to stay with us, give us your feedback and ideas and we will try to give you what you have told us you want: the best products in the world with lots of information and great prices.

OUR MESSAGE HOLIDAY SEASON 2002: The internet in general has fulfilled our expectations and we hope we have fulfilled your expectations as to what a commerce site should be like. We are not as large as Amazon.com, but we are large enough to give you the very best selection and service.

From all of us at the KnifeCenter to all of you around this world reading this,
We Wish You and Your Loved Ones a Very Happy New Year.

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